Poster dream

Kate masters is a normal teenage girl with, brown hair and blue eyes and a massive love for one direction. Every day she looks at a brown curly head boy on a poster dreaming she will meet him....
This is my first movelle I hope you like it!


12. The Beach house

Harry's POV:
We were all happy for Niall, he said that Lexi was going to come later once she had packed a bag.
So we were back in the Limo, when we pulled up later at the beach house, Kate walked in with a amazed look on her face, she was the first in so it must to have been amazing.
Later on Lexi came in, I can see why Niall thinks she's hot, but personally I prefer cute, but that's me.

Kate's POV:
Later on we went to the beach and sat on logs toasting marshmallows, then suddenly Louis shouted out "LET'S PLAY TRUTH OR DARE" " What are we five?"I said then Louis said that we could make it dirty I said not that dirty though.
Louis went first I dare Lexi and Niall to Snog! They both looked at each other and blushed then harry pushed their faces together and BOOM they were snogging then Niall stuttered" c c can you be my g g g g girlfriend?" He akwardly rubbed the back of his head, all of a sudden Lexi screamed "YES I LOVED TOO" and they snogged each other again.
Zayn was just about to say a dare when
Thunder and lightning clapped out and it started to rain. Everybody ran away to the house, and was just about to stand up when, Harry pulled me close and passionately gave me a kiss in the rain, just like in the movies I have dreamed of this to happen to kiss someone special in the rain, I dreamed it would be Harry but I never knew it accoutly would be harry!

Elanore's POV:
We were drenched when we got to the house, Harry and Kate were still not on the house I peaked out the window and saw then kissing, Louis came up behind me a pecked my cheek, I pushed Kim away and told everybody to came to the window, and when they finally came we all ran to the couch
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