Poster dream

Kate masters is a normal teenage girl with, brown hair and blue eyes and a massive love for one direction. Every day she looks at a brown curly head boy on a poster dreaming she will meet him....
This is my first movelle I hope you like it!


6. Can I ask you something?.....

Harry's black Audi came up outside my house I opened my door and ran outside to the car harry was being a gentleman and opened the door for me I hopped into the passenger seat and we drove off to Starbucks.

Harry's POV:
Finally I could ask her a question I had been dieing to ask since I met her, I know I had only met her once for 10 mins and had a 2 min conversation on the phone with her but there was something special about her that drew me to her.

Kate's POV:
We parked outside Starbucks and walked into the cafe we walked to the counter and I asked for a caramel latte and harry asked for a mochalatte.
Then the waitress that looked about 18 screamed and looked very faint I thought she saw a mouse but then she said to harry " are y y you h harry sssstyles?"

Harry's POV:
"Yes I am can I help you?" " can you sign this picture of you and the b b b boys?" " yes sure"
After I signed the picture to her I sat down with Kate and looked deeply into her eyes and this is what I said " can I ask you something?" Kate giggled I lived her giggle " yes sure what is if harry?" "Would y y y y you l l l like to be my g g g girlfriend?" All of a sudden she fainted.

Kate's POV:
I couldn't believe what happened, did harry just ask me to be his Girlfriend I thought he had taylor swift to be he's girlfriend? With all the shock I fainted I must to have fainted for a long time because when I woke up I was in a hospital.

Harry's POV:
Was it something I said that made her faint? , I looked at her she was finally awake. She said " I thought that taylor swift was your girlfriend?" " she is but she I'd trying to pull me away from the band and well I broke up with her an hour ago when you were still asleep" " what you broke up with her why?" " because I realised I l l love y y you more"

Kate's POV:
As harry said he loved me more a blush creeped across his face and I could fill my cheeks getting hot as well.
Suddenly a doctor with a white coat walked in and said " I believe miss Kate can leave today, the results came back she just fainted because of shock"

Harry's POV:
Good she could leave when we where in the car back to her house I asked if she would like to be my boyfriend again and she said YES then I said goodbye to her a gave her a passionate kiss I saw the sparks fly I loved her so much I couldn't wait to tell the boys.
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