Poster dream

Kate masters is a normal teenage girl with, brown hair and blue eyes and a massive love for one direction. Every day she looks at a brown curly head boy on a poster dreaming she will meet him....
This is my first movelle I hope you like it!


3. Back stage pass

Kate's POV:
I was led through the crowd like all the rest of the back stage pass fans we were all excited, then we were led into a room backstage that had a couch and a table laden with food I knew that's were Niall would properly go I just knew it. After a little while we heard footsteps then in came all of one direction I could not believe my eyes. Harry gave me a cheeky grin I could not believe it Harry Styles from One Direction gave me a cheeky grin.
Now one direction got too talk to all of us sitting on the couch nervously Harry approched me and brought me to a corner in the room he had started to talk to me!

Harry's POV:
As soon as I had entered the room i expected to see the same crazy fans but instead I saw the most beautiful girl in the world she had: brown hair, blue eyes and a button like nose. She was wearing blue skinny jeans and and a blue sweater she looked beautiful I brought her to a corner and started to talk to her I said" Hi as you know I am harry what's your name?" She was just stuttering I managed to hear Kate" what a beautiful name" just then the sacurity man said it was time to go then I said to Kate " what's your phone number?" Kate gave me her number and then she was escorted off still staring at me I was still staring at the door when the boys said " are you ok harry.... Harry are you still there hello" I suddenly blinked out of it.
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