Poster dream

Kate masters is a normal teenage girl with, brown hair and blue eyes and a massive love for one direction. Every day she looks at a brown curly head boy on a poster dreaming she will meet him....
This is my first movelle I hope you like it!


1. Poster dream

Kate Masters stared into the mirror she had: brown hair, blue eyes and a small button like nose.
She put some lipgloss on and made her eyebrows a perfect arch and made her eyes look big bye outlining them with eye liner.

Kate was so excited tonight she was going to see her all time fav band one direction!!
She could not wait she threw on some icy blue skinny jeans and a White, silver sweater and some blue slip-on's. Kate had been one of the first to buy the one direction tickets so she also bought a backstage pass.

Before Kate left she went around too all the Harry Styles posters and kissed them good-bye like she did every time she left home, she then went up to the life size poster of harry and stared into the green eyes oh how she wished she could look into them in real life and see them glittering and lovingly looking back into hers every night she wished the same wish to be Harry Styles Girlfriend but she knew that wish was stupid that would never happen anyway Harry already had a Girlfriend Taylor Swift. Kate loved Taylor Swift and felt happy that they were happy together but she couldn't help but fill a bit jealous.
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