A Directioner's War

What would the world be like if there was a war between Directioners and Beliebers? Meridia O'Day lives in the United States, and would do anything to go to a 1D concert. When she meets Niall Horan, her entire life changes.


5. The Palace

*Meridia’s P.O.V.*  

It’s winter break, obviously we’re out of school and there is four inches of snow on the ground. Today, I’m off to England with Cashmere, Sparkle, and one of my graduated friends Lacie Covingtess.  

Sure, it was hell convincing my mom and step-dad into letting me go. (they had seen the movie Taken, and somehow thought by going to Europe I would be captured by drug dealers and slave traders.) Whatever.

  To this day, I’m still not supposed to be going, but I got to write it off as visiting colleges, and as a historical trip. That, and my real dad helped me pay for the trip. I love being daddy’s little girl. In my defense though, all I wanted for my birthday was money for this trip.  

I failed to mention earlier, my birthday is the day before Halloween, and now it is December twentieth. Late present, but hey, whatever works right?  

“I made your reservations at one of the best places in London and sent the information to your e-mail.” my dad said in a sleepy voice. Last night he had worked 8 P.M. to 8 A.M. this morning. That’s after working the same hours the previous night and after a couple hours of sleep, he had worked noon to four.   

“Okay, thank you.” I tossed my purse in the floor and pushed it up so it was close to the seat in front of me. Lacie was going to be sitting with me while Sparkle and Cashmere would sit across the isle on the plane. Thankfully, Lacie hated sitting by the window, so I got the great privilege.  

“Be careful, little one.” his Irish-Appalachian accent made “one” sound like “un”.  

“Will do. You stay safe.”  

“Always… Call me when you land.”   

“You need sleep.” I protested.  

“Call anyway, leave a message, something. Let me know.”  

“Alright. I gotta go.”  

“Love ya.”  

“I love you too, call you later.”   

We hung up, I turned off the phone, put it in my purse, and tried to get comfortable.  

“Who was that?” Lacie teased as we fasted our seat belts.  

“My dad.” I admitted.  

“Oh… Your real dad?”  


As everyone boarded the plane, emergency instructions were given, and the pilots taxied towards the runway, all I could think about was my dad.   He’s a police officer for the county. Last year he was promoted to Sergeant, but the work schedule killed. Every work shift he went off to, I would say “Be safe”. Although, some shifts were easier than others.   One night could be silent, the next he was being shot at.   My dad is a tough Irish guy. Bright red hair, light blue eyes that have, as he says, “Mustard” streaks around the pupil. His skin is as white as paper, scattered with little freckles. If he goes out in the sun too long without 70+ SPF, he will turn the color of cooked lobster.   Being sunburned so many times, he once has skin cancer on his arm. The doctors had caught it fast enough that they got it out and all that was left was a scar.  

I was almost just like him, the only difference being my hair looked much darker and had browns and black in it, and my eye color changes day to day.   

Other than that, I am a hot headed, Irish pale skin, curly haired, shorter, and girly version of my father. 


“Miss,” someone shook my shoulder, “We’re going to be landing soon.” she then walked away.  

Let it be known to everyone, that I hate when people wake me up. I was sleeping quite well, thank you. Dreaming for once too, and hopefully not talking. I’m very bad for talking in my sleep. So bad that one morning I woke up without a voice because I talked so much.  

I sat up and tried to recall what was going on.  

Lacie is gone… Cashmere and Sparkle were asleep across the isle on each other’s shoulders.  

“Hey sleeping beauty.” Lacie laughed sitting back down.  

“Hey, where did you go?” I asked.  

“I moved to another seat so we could both sleep without looking like that.” she pointed at our two friends.

“Good point.”  

Fastening the seat belts, I looked out the window and couldn’t see the ground. Which I did not like.  

“We are experiencing a slight storm here in London, bare with us as we land. There will be turbulence.” the pilot said over the little speaker.  

The plane rumbled and it shook so much that Cashmere and Sparkle woke up thinking we had hit the ground.  

“Are we here?” Sparkle asked.  

“No, but almost. We’re flying through a storm.” Lacie answered.  

“Oh. Okay.” they said at the same time.  

A few more pockets of turbulence, and I could see the ground getting closer and closer until the wheels hit. Boom! I heard the brakes screeching, trying to slow the plane down. Finally, we got down to taxiing speed and pulled up to the gate.  

“Welcome to London, England. I’m sorry about the rough landing, but I promise everything is well. I advise you wear warm clothing and a rain coat. It is late, have a good night.” the pilot announced over the speaker and everyone stated moving.   Immediately I took my seat belt off and turned my phone back on.   Once we had gathered our things, we all filed out into the airport and followed the signs to luggage claim. Our plane must have been the last to get her, because I only saw about a hundred or so people waiting for their checked bags.    

While we waited, I called my dad and left a short message. Cashmere had saw the line start to move so she went to get our suitcases.  

“Here,” she said bringing mine with her as I hung up and tossed my phone in my purse.  

“Thanks for getting it.” I replied taking the handle.  

“No problem… You think we can find a taxi or something?” she asked, pulling her jacket on over her t-shirt.  

“Doesn’t look like any of the little stations are open.” Lacie said coming back from the transport and rent-a-car counters.   

“There’s supposed to be someone from the hotel picking us up.” I said remembering what my phone had said.   

“Where?” Sparkle chimed in.  

“Maybe out where the buses and everything normally are.” I answered, then started following the signs to an exit.  

Before we got to the door, there was a line of people, tow or three of them, holding white cards.   One of the cards had all of our names on it. The man wore very formal clothing under a heavy, and still wet, raincoat.  

“Hello, I’m Meridia.” I told him.  

“Lovely to make your acquaintance miss, please follow me.” he had a light Scottish accent. Which I thought was odd, but I followed him anyway.  

He lead us to a black SUV, with tinted windows, and “The Palace” wrote in silver on the side. Opening the door for us, and then he put our suitcases in the back. We were all comfortably sitting in the SUV when he jumped back in to chauffer.  

The moment we were out of the airport area, we saw lights of London before our eyes.  

One Direction’s pictures on the top of taxis, their logo painted on the buses, everywhere we looked, One Direction was there. I was in complete awe. Almost everything here would have gotten us killed at home.   Can I stay here? I thought. Never leave, never worry about getting killed, or threatened? Live freely as a Directioner and not think about the watchmen? How wonderful would that be? To finally get to sing their lyrics, wear their shirts, wear all of their merchandise for that matter, see their new pictures without freaking out over it being monitored.  

Then it’s decided, the second I graduate, I’m booking a flight back, and never leaving.  

Not a moment later, we saw our hotel. A tall building, maybe fifteen floors or so, and it looked gothic and elegant. With beautiful columns, old lanterns, and a red carpet leading through the door and lobby.

“Welcome to The Palace, please check-in. Someone will bring your luggage to your room.” the driver said and we all dove out before he could come and get the door.  

Just now did it hit me that the temperature was low enough to make me shiver and my teeth to uncontrollably chatter. Hurrying inside to see even more elegant things. Golden chandeliers, crystals, marble flooring, and extensive decorations.    

One of the black counters had “Check-In” engraved on a plaque in both English and French.  

“I’ll go check-in, you guys can just stay here.” I said and went up to the woman working.  

“Can I help you?” she asked looking up at me.  

“I need to check-in.” well, obviously.  


“Meridia O’Day.” I answered automatically.

She quickly typed some things into the computer and swiped some cards. “Here are your keys, you’ll be on the fourteenth floor, Princess suite.” laying the cards on the counter for me to pick up.  

“Don’t you need my ID?” I asked, slightly confused that she took me at my word.  

“No darling, you are the only one coming in late. Your American accent and last name clearly tells me you can’t be lying.”  

“My last name?”  

“I’ve known your family for quite some time. Still speak to your aunt when I can.”  


More confused than I was when I asked the question, I just backed away and went to my friends.  

“We’re on the fourteenth floor.” I informed them and we went to the elevators.  

“Since they were located in the center of the building, the elevators had glass walls so you could look down and around the building as you rose upwards. Ding! The bell chimed, signaling we were now to our floor.   

“Which room?” Lacie asked, looking to each side of the hall.  

“This one,” I pointed at the door on our right labeled as the correct suit.  

“Princess suite?” Sparkle seemed confused, but didn’t protest the thought of having a nice room.  

Sliding the card through the scanner on the wall, a tiny light blinked to green and the lock opened. Pushing the handle down on the door, we then had to search for a light switch.  

“I think I got it.” Cashmere proclaimed and in a split second we were blinded by the sudden brightness.   The room was the most extravagant, with a living area, kitchen, and dinning table in the front room. With three bedrooms off of the living rooms, and bathrooms connected to those.  

“Wow, this is beautiful.” Lacie said, looking out the windows.  

“Here are your suitcases ladies.” someone said dropping them at the door and disappearing before we saw who to thank.  

We quickly unpacked some of our things, changed into some pajamas, and went off to bed.  

Apparently, since it was my dad who had gotten us this place, I got the Master room. I couldn’t stand to make someone sleep on the couch, so Lacie was rooming with me. Our kind size bed was big enough that we wouldn’t even notice the other’s existence.   Cashmere and Sparkle chose the Queen rooms and ended up liking different ones. So, everything worked out perfectly.    

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