A Directioner's War

What would the world be like if there was a war between Directioners and Beliebers? Meridia O'Day lives in the United States, and would do anything to go to a 1D concert. When she meets Niall Horan, her entire life changes.


4. Shopping for Trouble

*Meridia’s P.O.V.*  

The date of the Masquerade was getting so close. Problem was, I have yet to get my invitation. That is if this year I might get the opportunity to even go, instead of being stuck here in the states reading all about it on Twitter like I’ve done the past years.  Then again, I only knew the date and that the invites have been sent because Sparkle has a hard time lying.    

Secrets aren’t her strong suit either. Not two days after she received her invite, passport, and ball card, we all knew about it. Somehow she was getting out of school for all of next week. As long as she does a research project on the country, takes pictures for the project to prove she was in London, and does make up work, she gets to go.  

“So not fair.” I said to Cashmere while we were shopping.   

“I know! She should be careful, too many people hear about it and the watchmen will get her.” she replied.

  “Hopefully our watchmen, instead of the others.”  

We continued flipping through the clothes and Cashmere had the idea that we should buy dresses.  

“Come on, lets go to that pretty dress store down on Main.” she pulled me out of the little clothing shop and outside into the cold.  

“That’s all the way back in town.” I winned.

“I know.”  

"Good thing you’re driving.” I sighed. Pulling my coat tighter, I tried to block out the cold, but it never worked. I have a serious problem with the weather. I’m never satisfied. It could be sixty-five degrees out and I’ll still be cold. Or if it’s eighty, I’ll be too hot. There’s never a comfortable temperature.  

Sliding into the passenger’s seat of her convertible, we blasted the heat and quickly warmed up.  

“Turn the radio up.” she said, putting the car in drive.   

When I did, the song Live While We’re Young came on.  

“How wonderful.” I said.  

We hummed along, not daring enough to sing the words because we weren’t supposed to even know them. It was dangerous to say anything about One Direction.   

“Did you see their new pictures?” she asked.  

“Not yet, I think my phone is being monitored.”  

“Here, mine is protected so you can see them if you want to.” she took her phone from her pocket and I went to the pictures. Casual in the streets of London. Dressed up in suits, all dapper. I couldn't handle this.

“Oh. My. Lord.” was all I could say.  

“I know right.” she laughed.  

Just then, we got to Main Street and she parallel parked on the street in front of the shop.  

“Please, take your phone before I keep it forever.” I laughed dropping it into her waiting hand.  

“Alright. Let’s go.” she said and we bailed out of the car.  

A couple women stood close to the door wearing heavy layers and most of their clothing was pink. “Hello.” they said.  

“Hi.” we replied, keeping our eyes low, but trying to be polite.  

“What are you two here for?” the taller one questioned.  

“We’re just looking.” Cashmere said and we pushed our way to the door.  

Inside, an over excited worker came to help us. Obviously they didn’t get much business in the winter.   “Anything you ladies looking for?” she asked.  

“Just a pretty dress.” Cashmere answered, since she knows I hate talking to strangers.  

“What color?”  

“I don’t know. What do you think will be best? Strawberry blond and white as snow skin is hard to help.”

  “Here, let me.” the sales lady dashed off to the racks.

“Short or long?”  

“Whichever.” Cashmere said.

“And could you possibly find one for my friend too?”  


Once she had two arms full of different dresses, she showed us to the dressing rooms.  

“One dressing room for you,” she said hanging some in a little room for Cashmere. “And one for you.” she did the same for me and we thanked her.  

“What color should I try first?” I asked looking at every color of the rainbow. Immediately cutting out the yellow, orange, pink, and white ones.  

“I’m trying dark purple, if you want to too.”  


The purple one I had was strapless, long, and had a silver high waist thing that was just there. It didn’t tie in the back or anything. It was simply there.  

“I need your opinion.” Cashmere said knocking on my door once we were both somehow in these dresses.  

“Alright, let me see.” I pushed to door open to see her wearing a strapless dress down to the floor, and it had random little rhinestones scattered across the skirt.    

“I don’t know about this…” she said wearily.  

“Are you kidding? It’s perfect for you! This one for me, is a definite N-O.”   

“Try red, black, or navy.”  

Four dresses later, I wore a red dress that was a mix of bright and dark red, I don’t know how to really describe the shade it was. With a ballgown-like skirt, a black ribbon around my ribs and under my chest, and when I moved the right way there seemed to be a slit on the left side. Not one that went all the way to my hip, but a slit nonetheless.  

“That’s the one!” Cashmere enthusiastically said.  

“Really?" I asked unsure.

“Yes! It makes the red come out in your hair and it looks really good on you.”   

I looked at the price tag and frowned. “This is my entire allowance for the past six weeks.”   

“But Meridia, it’s absolutely beautiful.”  

"When would I wear it?” I countered.  

“Winter formal? Prom? Does it matter?”  

“Fine, but you have to get your dress too.”  

“I was planning on getting it regardless.” she giggled.  

Changing back into my normal clothes, I hung the dress on a hanger, and went to the check-out counter where I found Cashmere already standing.  

“What’s the occasion?” the cashier asked Cashmere.  

“Umm… Winter formal.” she answered.  

“Oh, okay.”  

No more questions were asked until we got outside, where the two women were still standing.  

“Pretty dresses, you going someplace?” the taller one asked.  

“Does it matter to you?” Cashmere snapped.  

“Yes, yes it does.”  

Before we could even get past them, they both pulled out knives. The blades looked quite shiny and had an engraved J.B. on them.  

“We hear you are Directioners?” the shorter one said, stepping closer to us.  

“And if we are?” I challenged.  

“Then I guess we have some business to take care of.” the shorter girl came at me, knife poised and ready to inflict some kind of pain.  

“CC, hold my dress.” I whispered and she took it from me.  

The two girls didn’t know that I have two older brothers, both in the Military might I add, and I knew a lot about getting weapons away from people. They weren’t even holding the knives firmly, so in one swing I took them away. My palms were getting cut in the process, but at least they couldn’t hurt us.  

“What business?” I spat.  

“How did you do that?” one asked, voice shaking.  

“Don’t worry about it. Now don’t ever, do that again.” dropping the knives, I never would want to keep them, they picked them off the ground and ran off.  

“Wow! I’ve never seen you do something like that.” Cashmere said as we walked to the car.  

“I had to, or we would have been hurt worse than anything. They could have killed us if they wanted to.”

“Oh my gosh! You’re bleeding!” she laid the dresses in the trunk and she saw my hands.  

“I’ll be fine, just get me home.”  

“Don’t get blood on my interior.” she warned, making me laugh.  

“Okay, I will try my best.”  

“Would you rather go to my house first?” she asked after we had been riding for a while.  


Pulling into the driveway, I dove out and went inside. “Hello Meridia.” Cashmere’s mom said the second I came through the door.   

“Hi Mrs. Lane.” I said going over to the sink in the kitchen and letting the water run over my hands.   

“Oh my gosh! You’re bleeding!” she echoed her daughter’s words, but looked ten times as worried.  

“I’m fine Mrs. Lane.” I chuckled, but my hands were burning.  

“Let me get the bandages, then you can tell me how this happened. You two were supposed to be shopping.” dashing off into another room, she grabbed a first-aid kit and I heard the door open.  

“We were shopping, but when we got out of the dress shop, two Beliebers tried to hastle us..” I started and turned the water off, turning around to Mrs. Lane who had the bandages and medicine ready.  

“And mom, you should’ve seen Meridia! She got both knives away from those girls in one swing!” Cashmere animatedly said, laying our dresses over the back of a chair.  

“How did you manage that?”  

“Well, you learn a lot of things when you have older brothers.” I said as Mrs. Lane wrapped many layers of gauze around my hands.  

“I guess so..” she paused tucking the gauze into one of the previous layers, then looked over at the counter.

“I was hoping you two would stop by before you went home Meridia. The mail came today and they dropped off something for you here.”  

“Why here?” I asked.  

“Because CC got something too just like it. Priority mail, or something like that.” she stood and got the mail from the marble counter, handing it to us at the same time. Hearing the phone ring, she went to answer it.  

The envelope was white with golden designs and hand written calligraphy spelling out my full name. On the back there was a crest holding it down.  

“There’s no way…” I whispered.  

“On three we open them.” Cashmere said, now standing beside me.  



“Three.” I said and we gently opened them.  

Inside, the first thing we saw was a hand written letter. It read…  

Dearest Meridia O’Day, It is our greatest apologies that this invitation was slightly delayed from being sent. Funny story that is, we got back to the room and found these on the counter. Well we didn’t find them, Liam found them while the other lads and meself were discussing where to go eat. Because of the delay though, I do hope you will be able to come to the ball. Remember to wear a mask! See you soon, save me a dance. -Niall -Harry -Liam -Louis -Zayn  

Oh. My. God. Niall hand wrote me an apology letter! And he wants me to dance with him at the Masquerade? This is so surreal.  

The other things in the envelope was the invite itself, a passport already made for me, and a card I was instructed to have that night.    

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