A Directioner's War

What would the world be like if there was a war between Directioners and Beliebers? Meridia O'Day lives in the United States, and would do anything to go to a 1D concert. When she meets Niall Horan, her entire life changes.


8. Ready?

*Meridia’s P.O.V.*  

We were all zipped into our dresses, and tied under our masks by six fifty-nine.  

“Looks like we’re right on time.” Sparkle said, slipping into her shoes last second. Her dress was a pastel pink and down to the floor. The color fit her well, while her mask only covered her eyes and was decorated with rhinestones.  

“Good, we’re normally behind…” I commented, reapplying my lip gloss, then adjusting my black and silver eye-mask so I wouldn’t get my eyelashes caught on the little eye holes. Believe it or not, that really hurts.  

There was a knock at the door, and Cashmere went to get it. When she opened the door, one of the hotel workers  stood there, holding a white and gold envelope.  

“This is for Miss O’Day.” he explained.  

“Meridia,” Cashmere said, taking the envelope and holding it out for me.  

“Thanks,” I took the small envelope and saw the familiar crest on the back.  

“If you are ready to leave, there is a car waiting for you at the entrance.” with that, he disappeared. 

“Open the letter!” Cashmere said, one she had closed the door.  

“Calm down.” I sighed, “What do you think it is?”  

“We’re directioners, we don’t do calm when we’re in London and one of us gets a letter clearly from them because the envelope is the same as our invites.” Sparkle countered, now standing behind me so she could look at the paper.  

“Fine, fine. I’ll open it, but you have to get off my back first.”  

“Done.” she took a few steps backwards.  

I felt everyone watching me as I gently pulled the crest and opened the envelope. Inside was a single paper.  

Dearest Meridia O’Day, I hope you will get to the ball slightly early, because if you do, I might be able to pull strings and get you into the arena. Front Row? Possibly. If I cant get you into the arena, I hope to see you during the ball. Remember me dance. XX  -Niall  

“What does it say?” Lacie asked.  

“It must be special.” Sparkle noted.  

“I think her face is stuck in shock.” Cashmere giggled. I realized that my mouth was wide open, so I snapped it shut and tried to make sure this was in fact reality.  

“Am I awake?” I asked in a whisper.  

“Yes honey, you’re wide awake. Remember, we’ve been getting ready for the ball the past few hours.” Cashmere giggled again, and looked over to read the little note.  

They all read it, and had a similar reaction to mine.   

“Well, what are we waiting for?” Lacie grabbed her coat and draped it over her shoulders, “Let’s go!” I followed their lead in a daze. Coats over our shoulders, and cards in hand, we left the room.  

Downstairs, the lobby was abuzz with people. Some dressed casually, most in formal wear. Some were seated in a small area, others constantly moving about the floor. I noticed a few also wore eye-masks.

“Your car awaits.” the man from earlier stood by the door and pointed at the short limousine parked out front.  

“The limo?” Lacie asked.  

“Yes,” he answered.  

“Why a limo?” Sparkle questioned.  

“The five insisted.” he said, “Now off you go.”  

We didn’t argue and went out to get into the limo. Once seated and moving, we all were trying to think. 

“Is he talking about our five? The boys?” Sparkle seemed confused.  

“There’s no way.” Lacie said.  

“But there is…” I said when we got to the designated building.  

Girls were lined up along the roped off red carpet, with posters, and books, and really everything imaginable. Some were arriving, wearing various masks and dresses. The guys all wore tuxedos, and they seemed to be in every color also.  

“If this is just a dream, no one is to wake me up.” Cashmere said as we all stared in awe at the building. Windows were beside the doors, and had screens playing thorough pictures. Music played and we could see the line of fans singing along.  

“Agreed.” we all finally said.  

Pulling our coats off, we left them in the limo. Our driver promising to be here when we want to leave, someone at the door had his number. New kind of valet? Who knows.  

Sparkle pushed the door open, and stepped out first. Then we all followed, and smoothed our dress skirts before walking the carpet.  

“Look at her dress!” a girl said pointing at us.  

“Look at the mask!” another said.  

“I’m so jealous.” the first replied, watching as we stood at the velvet rope.  

“Identification?” one of the bouncers said.  

Thankfully, we had them in our cards. Figuring we would need them sometime. After that, we had to place our hands on these scanner screens. Handprints? Full hand prints? Yeah, this place has tight security.  

“You all are free to enter.” the second bouncer said allowing us to go through the glass doors.  

Inside, they gave us our concert seat assignments and advised us to go into the “refresh” room. There, we found drinks, finger foods, and an area for sitting. A few others sat in there with us.  

I began to wonder about my note. Would they let Niall take me in the arena? Would I even get to see him?    

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