A Directioner's War

What would the world be like if there was a war between Directioners and Beliebers? Meridia O'Day lives in the United States, and would do anything to go to a 1D concert. When she meets Niall Horan, her entire life changes.


1. Prologue

Before the story begins, let the following be known.

War has broke out across the world. Though some countries are peaceful, undecided, or care to remain neutral. It’s like World War III, in a way.  

The Allied countries are still together. The United Kingdom, Ireland, half of The United Sates, France, Italy, Russia, all of those. While the others didn’t have an alliance, just a common interest. Made up of mostly Canada, and parts of other countries.   

You might laugh at the reason for all of the bloodshed, but this is a serious matter. Most of those fighting are pre-teens, teenagers, and those in their twenties.   

Justin Beiber’s fans, the “Beliebers” V.S. One Direction’s fans, the “Directoners”. Of course most of their fandom was made up of girls and women. They tended to drag their boyfriends into the war that has been going on since the release of One Direction’s “Sophomore” album last year.  

Many of the countries have chose a side in this war, dragging out the ally agreements from years ago to get back-up. Other countries didn’t understand the reason for war, so they stayed out of it.   

Oddly enough, some countries involved in the war were quite peaceful on a daily basis. These being the major ones in, almost, complete agreement over their side. It goes as follows, Canada is full “Belieber” while The United Kingdom and Ireland were full “Directioner”.   

This was not the case for The United States of America. The poor country was split right in half. Worse than when there is an election. -Which is bad, don’t get me wrong, but nothing was like this.-   America was torn in half. Not literally like it was during their Civil War, where one part was this, the other that. No. Everyone was scattered together. Which caused just that much more bloodshed.  

If a Belieber was heard talking dirt about One Direction, they were given a ten second head start to run. It was simple, they get caught, they get hurt. Not to complicated. The system worked vice versa.   Directioners were much smarter, you see, traveling in groups. Even if some of their friends were a part of the undecided, larger numbers were ALWAYS safer.  

Well… Now that you know that, let us continue on with the story. - Aly xx 

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