A Directioner's War

What would the world be like if there was a war between Directioners and Beliebers? Meridia O'Day lives in the United States, and would do anything to go to a 1D concert. When she meets Niall Horan, her entire life changes.


3. Photographs and Invitations

*Liam’s P.O.V.*   I love having this Masquerade ball, but it takes so much planning.   

Venue, decorations, date, time, fans, friends, clothing, set list, food, drinks, lighting, background music for when we’re not playing, and about a hundred other things to do.  

Today the lads and I were at photo shoots, and shopping. Up early for the photos everyone was dragging and was pretty much sleep walking.  

Of course, when we got to the set our hair was still wet and our clothes all disheveled.  

“I know it’s early, but you lads look dead..” the photographer said.  

“Sorry, four in the morning is a little early.” Louis apologized running his fingers through his brown hair.   “Veronica, please get them to their dressing rooms.” he ordered.   

A short little girl pushed me towards a door with my name wrote on a board. Well, my surname, not my first.  

Opening the door I stepped inside. Many different styles of clothes were hanging about the room. Thankfully they were all designs I liked and they were numbered.  

The first one was a casual outfit. Made up of a black and white checked shirt, dark jeans, and white shoes. I quickly changed and heard a knock at the door.  

“Come in.” I called, tying my shoe.  

“Good morning.” another girl said.  

“Morning?” I was a little confused, but went along.  

“I’m your hair stylist for today.” 

“Oh, okay.”   

“Since it’s so early, I brought you something to help wake you up.” she held out a Diet Coca-Cola and stood at a hair dresser’s chair.  

“Thank you!” I said standing from the one chair I was sitting in, taking the Cola and sitting in the other chair in front of the mirror.  

She combed out my hair and began styling it to perfection.  

“Your hair is so soft.” she complimented.  

“So I’ve been told.” I laughed.  

“One last thing,” she stopped me from leaving and found a red bow tie and put it around my neck. “There, perfect.”   

“Thank you.” I said again finishing the last drops of Coke and tossing the can into a recycling bin.  

“It’s my job.” she smiled and I left the little room. I don’t know what she was trying to do, but she looked much too young for me.   I was the first one out of the dressing rooms, so I spoke with the photographer. He said that we might be doing most of the pictures in the streets of London. Later on, closer to the ball, we will go to our hometowns for pictures. Lovely.  

Just then, the rest of the lads came from their dressing rooms. Louis in his signature striped shirt, skinny jeans, and Toms. Harry in jeans, a t-shirt, and Nike shoes. Zayn wearing quite a lot of black. And Niall wearing a green polo shirt, dark jeans, converses, and a scarf.  

“Are they even awake?” the photographer asked me.  

“Probably not, they were out partying last night.” I laughed.  

“But Liam, it was a Friday night.” Louis wined, rubbing his eyes.  


“So, let’s get to work.” the photographer said, “someone please get some powder for their eyes, and tea for their minds.”  

“Can my tea have Irish cream in it?” Niall asked.  

“Sure.” one of he workers went off to get drinks and the photographer took us outside.  

“This is where we will do most of the shots today.” he explained to the others. “Some posed, others not.”   “Tea.” the worker said, holding a tray of cups.  

Everyone reached for their cup, knowing exactly which one was theirs because of the designs.  

“Ooo! Perfect! Tea with the lads, I love it!” the photographer said and the snapping of pictures began.


Three wardrobe changes, eight trillion picture, and two missed meals later, we were finished with today’s work. We even got to keep the clothes we wore, which made Louis quite happy.  

“Please tell me we are going to get some food.” Niall said once we got back to the place we are staying here in London.  

“Yes Niall, but we must figure out where.” Harry answered.  

“Nando’s!” he shouted.  

“How about somewhere new?” Zayn suggested.  

They discussed where we might go, and I looked over to see a couple envelopes sitting on the counter.   “What are these?” I asked picked them up. Immediately, I recognized the golden design.  

“Those look like our ball invitations.” Louis answered.  

“Why are those here?” Harry interjected into the conversation.  

“I’m not sure, but they are addressed to a couple of girls in the states.” I read the names, “Meridia O’Day.”  

"Well that’s a Irish name.” Niall said.  

“And Cashmere Lane.” I read the second, “that’s definitely a British name.”  

“Why don’t we put those in the mail on the way out?” Zayn said thinking out loud.  

“Well, they aren’t sealed yet…” I pointed out.  

“Let’s write a little note, our apologies for the delay.” Louis added.  

“Yeah!” Harry and Niall agreed.  

“Okay, what do we need to write?” I asked, finding paper and a pen.

“Hold on, I think there is another one. I saw it somewhere.” Louis said looking about the room.  

“Write that we’re sorry we forgot to put their invites in the mail.” Harry said.  

“I found it!” Louis shouted, “This one is addressed to a Lacie Covingtess.”  

“How about this,” I stated, “I’ll write Cashmere Lane, Niall you write to Meridia O’Day, and Louis writes to Lacie Covingtess.” 

“Good idea.” Niall said, getting some paper and a pen too.  

“Then we can write a little note and sign it?” Harry asked.  

“That will work perfectly.” Zayn said.  

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