A Directioner's War

What would the world be like if there was a war between Directioners and Beliebers? Meridia O'Day lives in the United States, and would do anything to go to a 1D concert. When she meets Niall Horan, her entire life changes.


9. Caught My Eye

  *Niall’s P.O.V.*  

Management won’t allow anyone in the arena before the show, well besides us.  

“Ey Nialler, I hard that girl Meridia got here a little while ago.” Liam said to me as we finished sound check.  

“Really?” I paused to put my guitar down. “There any way I can see her?”  

“Not until after the show you can’t.” someone shouted. Probably someone from security or management. 

“C’mon, it’s a masquerade. No one will recognize me.” I tried.

Still, I got no where. The show starts in about twenty minutes. What to do in the meantime?  

“Why don’t you come with me Niall?” Harry asked.  

“Where?” I questioned and went with him out of the arena and to the connected building we are holding the ball in.  

“Go up the stairs, there’s an overlook to the refresh room.” Harry said and we went up the steps. To one side, there was a window almost that looked down at the waiting area.  

When I looked down, I saw people sitting, drinking punch, and eating. Other than the food catching my eye, there was one girl in particular who wore a read dress that made me stop. Her hair looked beautiful, and everything about her was perfect.  

“Niall.” Harry said putting a hand on my shoulder, “Niall, we have food backstage.”  

“Its not the food.” I replied.  

“What?” he seemed shocked, but I couldn’t answer. “Man, what’s going on?”  

Before I could answer, Liam was calling for us. Saying we need to get back before they start letting everyone in.  

I followed Harry in a daze. Backstage I got some food, but that didn’t seem to help.  

“Harry, what did you do to Niall?” I heard Zayn ask.  

“I… uh… did nothing.”  

“That’s obviously not ’nothing’.” Zayn said.  

“Well.. You know how upstairs, there is an overlook to where everyone is right now? The refresh room?” Harry finally asked.  

“I thought management wasn’t allowing us to see the fans.” Liam said, now talking in his protective “Daddy Direction” voice.  

“Management! That’s hilarious Liam.” Louis laughed.  

“Serious, they’re going to get mad.” Liam sighed.  

“Ooo, big bad management. Gonna turn our mics down again?” Zayn chuckled.  

“Let’s be logical here Liam, there are always ways around management… When we were up there though, I think Niall got a little locked up.”   

“Why is he locked up? We can’t do he show without him.” Liam was seeming frustrated.  

“He’ll be fine. There’s just a girl that caught his eye that’s all.” Harry put an arm around my shoulders.  

“Harry, of all people I would doubt you to be the one to say she’s ‘just a girl’ and ‘that’s all’.” I said, finally breaking my silence.  

“Oh, good, you can speak.” he laughed and we heard the announcement for everyone to find their assigned seats.  

*Meridia’s P.O.V.*  

Apparently, our seating arrangements were somehow off. All of my friends were in one section and I was in another.  

My seat was questionably close to the stage. So close, I could possibly stretch out my arm and my hand would be on the stage floor. Everyone else was no where in sight.   

Though a few others came to join me in this little seating area. Four girls came together, I thought I recognized them, but they had masks on that covered their eyes enough I couldn’t see the color. Later, two more girls came, and I still had problems with getting their identity.  

When the entire arena was full, a curtain came down cutting the stage in half front and back.

Click, Click, Click. Lights went out set by set and everyone struggled with whether to scream or remain silent.  

That was decided when a bright light hit the curtain making it a red color. Then, just when we were about to all die of anxiety, panic, fan girl adrenaline, and anticipation, five figures rose out of the platform floor to create silhouettes.  

We all gasped, taking almost all of the oxygen out of the air, if it was possible, and screaming the second we heard our song start.  

“You’re insecure, don’t know what for…” it began, and yet the curtain remained hanging until the chorus. Just like that, it fell to the floor and there they all stood. Perfect in every way.  

I felt slightly faint, but I refused to miss a second of this.   

Every song, every word, every moment, every second, I burned it to memory. Hating to even think about if this was to ever end.  

Home? I refuse to go back. Home, where is it really? I hate that house I live in, and don’t really define it as a safe place.  

This, this is more like home. Here it’s carefree and happy, and light, and lovely. Let this never end, I’ll quit school to move here if I have to. Save some money, and follow them everywhere. Because this is more like home than anything in the states ever felt like.  

Something distracted me off to my left. Niall had set down his guitar and was looking right at me.  

“’Dis will be our last song of ’d night, at least ’n here. We hope ’t see you all at ’d party afterwards.” his sweet accent sent chills up my spine, and the first few notes of “Teenaged Dirtbag” started.  

We all sang along, up until the last word, then we were told to go to the ballroom.  

Where is Lacie, Sparkle, and Cashmere? I thought, pushing through the people in the ballroom. Bumping into a guy, I accidentally fell into him and he dropped the empty plastic cup he was holding.  

“I’m so sorry!” I said, unable to get up because my shoes were somehow tangled in all my dress skirts.  

“’O, no problem. Just be glad me glass wasn’t full. I’d hate ’t spill a drink all over yer pretty dress.” that accent, it can’t be.  

Not believing what I had heard, I looked up. The guy I had bumped into was standing 5’7” tall. Wearing an all black suit, an emerald green tie, and a Celtic design mask. His blond hair looked a little spiked and under the mask, his eyes were a beautiful blue.  

“Here, let me help ye up.” he offered his hand and I took it. Smoothing my skirts down and fixing my mask I tried to hide my bright red cheeks. I could feel the heat building and knew my pale skin would give me away.  

“Th… Thank you.”  

“You’re from America, yeah?”  

“Yeah, and I wish I could find my friends.”  

“How about in ’d meantime, we dance?”  

“I… I can’t dance.”  

“’O come on, of course you can.”  

Before I could protest again, he gently took my hand as a slow song began. A soft song that I recognized, but in place of lyrics, a cello and violin played.  

“Is this the song ’Moments’?” I managed to ask as he held up my hand and placed the other easily on my side above my hip. For my free hand, I found a place on his shoulder to rest it.  

“Yeah ‘tis.” He hummed along as we spun across the floor. All of the other couples seemed to vanish. It seemed as if we were the only two there. His smile, his voice, his eyes, everything about him was… perfect.  

“We might miss the food, but I want to show you something.” he whispered as the song ended.  

“I don’t mind, do you?”   Shaking his head, he continued to hold my hand and he led me through the room.

“Everyone please be seated in the great banquet room, seats are not assigned in there, keep in mine though each seat is an equal distance from the lads so there is no need for brawling and rude banter.” an announcer said the moment we go to the door.  

“Oh, we might get back in time for main course.” he laughed and we went back into the arena.  

“Why are we in the arena?” I asked as we walked down one of the long isles of seats.  

“You’ll see in a minute.” he promised. At the front row, I noticed I was in the exact center of the stage.

“Stay here.”  


“Don’t go.” he said, then quickly ran off to the left side of the stage.  

In front of me, there were five similar amplifier boxes, a guitar, a microphone stand and five mics.  

The mask I wore had made my face hot and itchy. Now, I could no longer stand to wear it. Untying the ribbon keeping my mask on, I pulled it off. Hastily wiping at my eyes to brush away the running make-up.   What am I doing here? This is absolutely crazy. There is no way the guy I bumped into and danced with was Niall Horan. No way. This isn’t happening right now. In the morning, I’ll wake up back in Virginia. Like I always do. I thought.   

But no… Instead, I looked up to see all five members of One Direction sitting on the amplifier boxes. Niall sat in the middle, his mask now off, and holding a guitar.  

“’Dis one is for Meridia.” he said into the mic, making his voice echo through the arena.  

As he started playing the song “Little Things” I felt like crying. Not necessarily out of sadness, but this song always gets me. The words alone hit a few weak spots.  

By Niall’s solo, I was having to make sure my mascara wasn’t turning me into a make-up raccoon. When they finished, I saw them all looking at me.  

“Awh Niall, we made your girl cry.” Louis said with a cute little giggle.  

“Thank you lads for helpin’ me. Now you can go back ‘t ‘d banquet.” Niall said, taking the guitar strap off.  

“Don’t be too late, you will miss the food.” Liam warned as they went to leave.  

“No worries. I never miss food.” Niall promised. Laying the guitar down, then he easily jumped from the stage to the floor.  

“That was amazing.” I said to him.  

“Please don’t cry, princess.” he said reaching up to my face so he could gently catch a tear on his thumb.  

“It’s not out of sadness.” I said.  

“Regardless, I don’t like when beautiful girls like you cry.”  

Only now did I notice that we were standing kind of close. My heart was pounding like a hummingbird’s and I could have swore he could hear it.  

Then, he leaned over to me, and kissed my cheek.   

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