Over Again

What will happen, when long lost best friends, Niall Horan, of One Direction and Taylor, a small town girl from Mullingar, come across each other? Will Taylor fall for one of the other One Direction member or will she finally realize her feelings for Niall?


5. Remembering

~~Niall's Pov~~

I don't know what it is, but she reminds a lot of my old best friend. What was her name again? Um it was something like Tabitha? No.. It was.. Oh! It was Taylor. I wonder how she is now. I went back to visit her, but her parents said she moved out with her younger sister. At least I have four best mates anyone could ever ask for.

"Hey Ni!" I hear Harry yell out as he walks through my door. I had just gotten back from giving that girl her phone back. A strange one she is, talking to her phone like it was her baby.

"Hey Haz. What's up?"

"Nothing, was wondering if you wanted to hang out."

"Sure, what you wanna do haz?"

"You'll see!" He says as he picks me up by my arm and drags me out of the flat, down to his car. Today should be interesting.

~~Taylor's Pov~~

Work. Work and more work. Ew. It was almost my turn to clock out with someone at last minute decided to walk in and I had to take their order.

"Welcome, how may I help you?" I say without glancing up.

"Long time no see beautiful." I hear the Irish accent say.

"You know her?" The deep raspy voice says. Crap. They know each other. Oh yeah, they're in that bad together.

"Hi. Now may I take your order?" I say through gritted teach. Man I just wanted out of here.

"Yeah, I'll have the mocha frappe." Says Niall.

"I'll have the same." At least their orders aren't that difficult.

I get their order down in a matter of seconds and I can finally leave.

I over hear the boys talking about me, but I keep on walking. There was no way I was staying here any longer. As soon as I step out of the shop, I feel two people following me. I sharply turn around to see nobody there. Strange. I keep walking, until I hear someone sneeze. I slowly turn around and see the two gits are following me.

"What do you want?" I say maybe a little too harshly.

"We wanted to know if you wanted to hang out." Spoke the curly haired on.

"Well you could of just asked." I say giving them a smile.

"Really?" They look at me shocked.

"No. I was kidding. Leave me along."

"Not until, we know your name."

"If that's all it takes. Hi, I'm Taylor Smith. You may now leave me alone."

"Wait, Taylor?" Says the Niall. Shit. This is the last thing I wanted.

"Yeah?" I say uneasily.

"It was nice meeting you." Thank the Lord all mighty. He doesn't remember me.

"Same to you." I say back as I hurriedly walk off, away from them.


A/N: Ayye! Late update sorry. I've been busy. I got school work to do over the summer. Ew. I know. Anyway I hope you liked this chapter. Lets try and get this to a comment, a like and 110+ reads for this update! (:

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