Over Again

What will happen, when long lost best friends, Niall Horan, of One Direction and Taylor, a small town girl from Mullingar, come across each other? Will Taylor fall for one of the other One Direction member or will she finally realize her feelings for Niall?


4. Phone Swap

I woke up feeling great, I really needed that sleep. I roll over and look at my clock 12:00. Good thing its Saturday, because I would be extremely late to school. I roll back to my previous position I was in, until I realized that I had no idea where my phone was or where my annoying sister was.

"McKenna!" I scream, trying to locate the pain of the butt. I find her in the living room drooling over something in her hand.

"What are you look-" I try to get out of my mouth but I'm cut off by McKenna.

"You have freaking Niall Horan's phone!"  Wait, I what. How? I've must of picked up the wrong phone, crap now he has mine. I snatch the phone out of her hands and dial my phone number.

"Hell-" A deep, Irish voice says.

"Hi, yes. Good morning and all that jazz. Now to clear this up, you my kind sir, have my phone and I have yours, I would greatly appreciate it, if we could possibly meet up and I could get the love of my life back."

"Okay... Did you just say your phone is your love of your life?"

"Yes, yes I did. Now meet me at Starbucks so I could retrieve it. Please, Thank you and see you soon."

I hang up and run upstairs to change in to some presentable clothes. I slip on my skinny jeans, my crop shirt and slip on my vans. I went to my bathroom and applied simple mascara and eyeliner. No need to impress Mr. Niall Horan.


I had gotten to Starbucks and no one else was there, so I ordered my original and sat down in the booth farthest to the back, plugged in my ear phones and started listening to the music that was at currently downloaded on this guys phone. I was day dreaming when  the kid, I suppose was THE Niall Horan as my sister would say sat down in front of me with my phone in his hands.

"Here's your phone, beautiful." Did he just call me beautiful, hahaha. No. I was far from that.

"Um. Thanks. Here's yours." I say while handing him his as I take mine and hug it to my chest.

"Its okay babe, I'm back." I whisper to my phone as I stroke the case. Niall gave me a weird look which I shrug off, I get those a lot. Not my fault someone couldn't handle my weirdness. I'm limited addition. Only one of me. No one else can compare.

"Well um, I must go. Thanks for bringing my phone." I say, giving a sweet smile to Niall.

"Yeah, Same. Maybe we can hang out sometime." He says giving me a cheeky wink.

On the bright side, at least he doesn't remember me.


Finally got to update! I'm finally on Summer Break. WOO! Summer 2k13~ I'll have more time to update now.. hopefully. So keep watching for updates. While you're here leave a comment or like it(:

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