Over Again

What will happen, when long lost best friends, Niall Horan, of One Direction and Taylor, a small town girl from Mullingar, come across each other? Will Taylor fall for one of the other One Direction member or will she finally realize her feelings for Niall?


3. Chapter 3

6:00. Finally. I left the dreaded place I called work and headed back home. Before getting home I stopped by Nandos to pick up some dinner to take home to my sister. I pull up to the famous restaurant and walk into to order, but not before crashing into a strong, muscular body.

"I'm so sorry, please excuse me." I ramble off before seeing who I ran into.

"Oh no, its my fault, I wasn't paying attention. Sorry love." A thick Irish accent apologizes.

Shit.. It can't be him. I pick up my stuff and quickly walk away hoping he didn't notice who I was. I hear the ringing of the bell overhead the door signals he left.

"I'd like to order two orders of peri-peri chicken."

"That'll be out in a min."

When the order is finished, I grab it and leave to head home after a long, tiring day. I walk in to the sound of, none other then One Direction blaring through the entire house.

"McKenna! Turn the horrible music off, and let me keep my ears, please. I beg of you." I scream in hope she hears me. Gladly she did, and came running down the stairs.

"One. Its not horrible. Two. You got food?"

"The usual."

She grabs the bag and slides up on the counter shoveling her food in her mouth. I swear I live with a pig sometimes.

We finish up dinner and continue with our nightly routine.

Once done with my homework, and shower, I plop down on the couch with McKenna to watch some re-runs of our favorite tv show, Friends.

An hour or so later, McKenna was asleep on the couch, which being the nice big sister I am, I carried her up to her room and placed her in her rightful sleeping place, her bed and padded my way down the hall to my room and my one and only love, my bed.

"Dear bed, I'm sorry I left you this morning. Take me back?" I say to my lovely bed as I lay down. Im concerned of my own being... I'm talking to my bed. Maybe I'm sleep deprived. I start to close my eyes and my phone lights up, I check the name and its an unknown number. Not answering that, could be some creeper. I close my eyes again and fall into a well-needed, deep sleep.

(A:N/ Hai guys! Sorry for such a LATE update. I've been extremely busy! I know there isn't much 'action' or 'drama' going on right now, but continue reading and it'll get better, yeah? Great!(: Anyways, enjoy!)

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