Over Again

What will happen, when long lost best friends, Niall Horan, of One Direction and Taylor, a small town girl from Mullingar, come across each other? Will Taylor fall for one of the other One Direction member or will she finally realize her feelings for Niall?


2. Chapter 2

It seems like just yesterday he left, when in reality its been two years. Two whole years, I've been without my best friend. All I have left are my sister, McKenna and my very close friend, Hollyanne. I could always go to them with my problems. Only problem is, is that they are in LOVE with One Direction, while I could care less about them. It hurts hearing his voice or seeing him in interviews or their music videos.

I sound pitiful, dont I?

Text from Holly: Hey hoe, pick me up for school?

Text to Holly: Sure thing slut.

I slip on my skinny jeans, orange Hollister hoodie, and my black beanie. I run downstairs and see my sister waiting for me.

"What took you so long?"

"I was thinking about stuff. Now let's go. We need to pick up Holly." I answer as I grab my keys and phone.

In the car my sistere turns on the radio when suddenly...

"You're insecure, dont know what for..."

Good gracious! I can never get away from them can I?

"Ugh. Turn that off. Please, I beg of you."

"It's One Directon, come on sis! Can we listen to one of their songs on the way to school for once?"

"Fine." I say giving her a scowl.

Great. Just great. Now I have to listen to him and his little boy band. This day better not get any worse.

We picked up Holly and headed to school. Fingers crossed nothing goes wrong.


After school, I drop off Holly and McKenna and head off to work, I walk in to see my oh so amazing boss.

"Ms. Smith, you're late."

"Sorry sir, won't happen again!"

I get behind the counter and put on my apron just as the front door rings, signaling that someone just entered.

"Hello, welcome to Starbucks. What can I get for you today?"

"I'll have a cafe mocha, please." Says a very familiar deep, raspy voice.

I look up from the cash register to see a curly haired, green eyed boy ordering. It took me just a split second to figure out who he was since, Holly and McKenna never shut up about those boys.

"Um, and your name sir?"

"Harry Styles."

Yep, I was right. 'Harry freaking Styles' as my sister would says was ordering. Here. Right in front of me.

"That'll be 3.25"

He hands me some money and a slip of paper. I open it and see a number. Im guessing he saw my confused expression.

"Its my number." Well isn't a cheeky little boy.

*Harry's Pov*

The boys and I were looking around Niall's home town, while we were on break. I was quite thirsty, so I walked into the nearest Starbucks. The girl at the counter was beautiful from what I could see. Her long, wavy brown hair anad light hazel eyes.

I ordered my drink and handed her the amound needed, as well as my phone number. She looked quite confused at first.

"It's my number."

"Oh. Um. Thanks?"

"Text me sometime, yea?" I say giving her a smirk.

She blushed and returned with a simple nod as she handed me my drink. With that I walked back out to the boys.

"What took you so long?" Niall asks me as soon as I get out.

"I was talking to someone."

"Aw! Harry's blushing!" Louis shrieks.

"I am not." I retort as I try to hide the blush making an appearance on my cheeks.

*Taylor's Pov*

Wow. I was not expecting that. Harry Styles gave me his phone number. I wonder if I should even text him. What if he wants to hang out and I mee the others? Will Niall even remember me? If he doesn't I should be fine, right?" No. I want my best friend back, but he's replaced me with four other lads. I guess I can come friends with Harry. No harm in that. Yeah, that's what I'll do, I'll befriend Harry and see what happens from there. But one thing is for sure, Holly and McKenna are not going to know about this.

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