Over Again

What will happen, when long lost best friends, Niall Horan, of One Direction and Taylor, a small town girl from Mullingar, come across each other? Will Taylor fall for one of the other One Direction member or will she finally realize her feelings for Niall?


1. Chapter 1

It was finally the last day of High School. Thank you Lord! I was completely done with all these fake people, the drama, and teachers. My best friend and I always had a plan: graduate from High School and move in with each other. That is, until my best friend, Niall Horan -yes, from One Direction- moved and auditioned for the show X-Factor. I knew he was going to be famous, but I just wasn't expecting it to be so soon.


"Hey, Nialler?" I say.

"Yes, love?"

"I can't sleep. Can you sing for me?"


"Mmm mmm, yeah doo doo, doo doo doo

oh yeah

gotta change my answering machine

Now that I'm alone

'Cuz right now it says that we can't come to the phone

and I know it makes no sense

'Cuz you walked out the door

But it's the only way I hear your voice anymore"

He has the most beautiful voice, I ever heard. Half asleep, I hear Niall whispering, "I know you can't hear me, but I'm going to make you proud Taylor. I'm going to audtion for X-Factor. Just one problem.. I have to move."

-Flashback over-

The day he left was heartbreaking. Knowing that I wasn't going to grow up with him and accomplish our plan just left me broken. I haven't talked or seen him since he left. I wonder if he still remembers me or has even tried to contact me in some possible way. He probably doesn't, I mean I'm a nobody to him, now that he's apart of one of the biggest bands ever. Maybe, just maybe, we'll run into each other and I'll get to see him again. Only a girl can hope...right?

(A/N: This is my second fanfic, well my first written by myself. I would love some feedback. I will try and update every Sunday and Wedenesday depending on my homework load. I hope you guys like this chapter. -T)

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