Summer 09

Before the X-Factor, Niall Horan was an average 16 year old hoping to make it big one day. Feeling like he won’t be able to make it, his best friend Emily encourages him to chase his dreams. Summer 09 shows the story of Niall Horan before he became a member of the worlds biggest boy band.


2. Chapter 2



"Wow, I can't believe I passed that stupid test," Emily said walking over to the lunchroom with Niall. 

"Believe it. You're smart."

"Thanks Nialler," Emily said smiling. "Hey, what's the huge crowd outside of the lunchroom?"

"I don't know. Let's go check it out"

Emily and Niall pushed through the crowd of about 15-25 students to see what everyone was so interested in.

"Oh my god! Nialler, you should totally go for this!"

Niall looked at the flyer Emily was pointing at.

Can you sing!? Do you think that you're talented!? Well then come and audition for the very first school talent show this evening in the theater!

"Oh no, Em, I can't."

"And why the hell not!?"

Before Niall could say anything, a tall boy with a green and white jacked walked over to him and Emily.

"Aw, little Niall wants to be a singer? HEY EVERYONE NIALL IS AUDITIONING FOR THE TALENT SHOW"

Laughter began to fill the halls. Everyone started to laugh. People pointed fingers at Niall, and started whispering to each other. Niall felt his cheeks get red, and felt his heart sink. He ran out to the closest exist to get away from the embarrassment he just had experienced. 

"Look Chad," Emily yelled. "STOP picking on him. Why can't you just let him be!?"

Chad laughed. "Aw EM, look at you sticking out for your LITTLE FRIEND."

Laughter roared through the halls once again.

Emily ran out to find Niall.

While others might have a hard time finding Niall, Emily knew exactly where he was.

Emily crossed the road and went over to the town park. She headed towards the back, where the parks bigest tree was. Whenever Niall was upset, he would go there, and only Emily knew about that. She found Niall under the tree, with his head in his knees. She walked over to him and sat down.

"Hey Nialler. It's okay. Let them laugh. Don't let it get to you."

"How can I not Em? They always pick on me it hurts so much. It's so hard knowing that every time I actually might look forward to doing something to show the world I am talented something has to ruin it. I hate those kids so much. All I ever wanted is for them to leave me alone. I just want them to not bother me. If they don't like me then I am fine with that, but must the always pick on me? It's so hard to deal with it, it is so hard. And that is exactly why I can't audition for the talent show Em. No matter how good I do, they'll make a joke out of it and that is going to bring me down and just ruin everything, Em."

Niall put his head in his hands and began to cry even more.

"Niall, don't worry about those kids. Those kids are going to be the same kids who will be chasing after you in a few years. Those kids will get no where in life. While you'll be on the school stage taking a step forward to achieve your dream, they will be stuck where they have been for years. Let them laugh Nialler. I know it's hard, but you cannot let them stop you. You know why?"


"Because that is what they WANT. And you know that they can't have that. They don't deserve to have what they want but YOU DO. so FIGHT FOR IT."

Nialler looked up and Emily and smiled.

"You are right. I'm going to audition for the show. I'm going to show them that they cannot stop me. I'll fight for what I deserve. They can't stop me. Not anymore. This is my chance. It may be just a school talent for some, but for me it's one step of the staircase that will take me to my dreams. Thanks Em. You are greatest best friend anyone can ever ask for."

Emily smiled at Nialler, as she leaned over to hug him.

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