Summer 09

Before the X-Factor, Niall Horan was an average 16 year old hoping to make it big one day. Feeling like he won’t be able to make it, his best friend Emily encourages him to chase his dreams. Summer 09 shows the story of Niall Horan before he became a member of the worlds biggest boy band.


1. Chapter 1


"Mmm yeaaahh," sang 15 year old Niall. 

"Gotta change my answering machine, now that I'm alone. Cause right now it says that we can't come to the phone. And I know it makes no sense cause you walked out the door." 

It was a sunny day in August. Niall was sitting on his bed, singing and playing the guitar, while hanging out with his best friend Emily.

"Damn you're good," Emily said.

"I'm okay, I guess."

"I can see you making it big Nialler, I really can. A few years from now, you'll be a star."

"I really wish! I just don't think I have it that much. I mean, so many big singers are out there. Ne-Yo, Chris Brown, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber for gods sake! It's impossible for me to reach that level."

"You just really need to believe in yourself!"

Niall Horan was a typical 15 year old that enjoyed singing and playing the guitar. Even though his biggest dream was to become a singing sensation, he felt like he never would be able to because of what other constantly told him. His best friend Emily made it her priority to give him the guts to chase his dream. 

"Yeah, I guess I do."

"We should go downstairs. Your mom is probably done setting lunch up," 

Emily and Niall headed downstairs and into the dining room. Niall's mom Maura was just finishing up setting the table

"Ah, you guys are here! Just in time! Dig in guys!"

"Yes, you made my favorite, Pasta Fagioli!"

Emily laughed and said "Is it just me Nialler, or does your favorite seem to change everyday?"

"Shut up Em"

"You two kids will never grow up," Maura joined in laughing

"So, Nialler, I know someone who turns 16 in about 2 weeks."

"I wonder who?"


"Em, I know, I was continuing being sarcastic" 


"I cannot believe my little son is growing up. Feels like I was changing your diaper just yesterdy," Maura said smiling

"MOOOOM," Niall yelled


"Nothing. The pasta is really good!"

"Yeah, it really is! You are an amazing cook. Reminds me of my moms cooking"

Emily lost her mom when she was only 7 years old. She was killed in a car accident.  Emily is raised by her dad and aunt. She always says the Niall's mom reminds her of her mom, and can always find comfort around her

"You know I am alays her, right my dear," Maura asked

"Yes Mrs. Horan, thank you for everything"

"Oh do not call me that, just call me Maura my dear!"

Emily laughed. "Come on Niall, let's help your mom clean the table and dishes, and go back up!"

"You two go up I got it!"

"Sure mom?"

"Yes of course! Go on up you two!"

Niall and Emily headed back up. 

"Hey Nialler, can I ask you something?"

"Of course! What's up?"

"If you ever did become famous, and got a chance to tour the world and stuff, you would never forget me right?"

Niall walked over to Emily. "Em, I can never forget you. You are my best friend. If I ever do make it big, I would owe at all to you. You are the one who is encouraging me to never give up on my dreams. Don't ever think I would forget you, okay?"

Emily smiled, and leaned in to give Niall a hug.

"Thank you Nialler"

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