Kenzie grew up right next door to Harry Styles. They were best friends. When Harry moved away and auditioned for The X Factor, her life just wasn't the same. Harry and the boys have come back to his hometown for two months to take a break before the tour.


19. Your my only weakness

*Kenzie's POV*

Harry seemed pretty calm. I fixed my makeup and we headed back to the living room. Before we entered we heard a series of giggles from Hope and some chuckles from Louis.

"Louis! Stop! They will hear!" Hope gasped. Before entering Harry and I exchanged confused looks. When we entered we were relieved to find Hope and Louis' clothes ON.

"Uhhhh what were you guys doing?" I ask

"Having a tickle fight" Louis said like it was nothing. We sat back down and continued asking each other questions.

~2 Hours Latter~

Harry and I had a flight back to Homes Chapel so we headed back to the hotel so Harry could pack his things. When we reached the door to our room I decided to say something,

"Harry?" I ask trying to get his attention


"Kiss me." I say with a smile on my face

"Gladly" Harry whispered inches away from my face. His warm breath on my neck made me ooze happiness. Our lips pulled together, the kiss started out innocent, but it got passionate, very passionate. Harry, keeping his lips on mine, grabbed both my wrists pulling them over my head, holding them there, against the door with one hand. We continued to kiss until we both got out of breath. When we got inside Harry didn't hesitate to say,

"You do something to me Kenzie."

"What's that?" I ask

"You make me vunerable." Harry responds

"Harry Styles, the popstar, vunerable?" I tease

"All because of you" Harry teases back.

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