Kenzie grew up right next door to Harry Styles. They were best friends. When Harry moved away and auditioned for The X Factor, her life just wasn't the same. Harry and the boys have come back to his hometown for two months to take a break before the tour.


11. Stuck up

*Kenzie's POV*

Doesn't this boy know by now I can't stand suspense!? 

"Harry? HARRY?! Harry did you leave me alone? Where are we? SOMEONE!?" I ask. I can hear Harry chuckle.

"I hate you." Teasingly. 

"Awwww you won't hate me after this." I can feel Harry smirk but before I can respond he places his lips on mine. I should have pulled away but instead I kissed back. There was a little bit of tounge action but not a lot. After a minute or two I pull away and take off my blind fold.

"Harry." I say looking him in the eyes. His expression held promise.

"I'm sorry" Harry said looking down "I shouldn't have. I don't even know if you have forgiven me yet." I held his chin so his green eyes stared into mine.

"I forgive you." I smile. his expression lit up. 

"Mr.Styles" The austrailian driver steps in, "We have arrived" Harry's grin increases and shows his dimples. Gosh I missed him.

"Harry? Do you know what I did when you moved away?" I asked as he held my hand and pulled me towards an ice rink.

"No. What did you do?" he asked

"I stared at pictures of us and cried." I state plainly. He turned around and looked at me in the eyes and held both my hands in his.

"Im sorry" he said with sincerity

"Harry. I shouldn't have brought it up. Its in the past" I said with a crack in my voice showing that if we talked about in any longer I was going to crack.

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