Kenzie grew up right next door to Harry Styles. They were best friends. When Harry moved away and auditioned for The X Factor, her life just wasn't the same. Harry and the boys have come back to his hometown for two months to take a break before the tour.


7. stopped.

*Kenzie's POV*

I was dressed warm. Like he told me to. I chose A hollister grey and white stripped sweater that goes long enough to cover my pockets and the sleeves go to the tips of my fingers. I wore a pair of skinny jeans that fit just right and some grey ugg boots to match my sweater. I curled my dirty blonde hair and wore white eye shadow to show off my green eyes, I put in some pretty big hoop earings with a big white shoulder bag. I was waiting for Harry at my door step when I get a last minute text from him, "Pack an over night bag, your gonna need it. -Harry"

Ok now I was really curious of what we were doing. But I did what I was told and I quickly put together the warmest and cutest outfit I could find. I put it all in my overly large purse and I found myself waiting once again. It was 8:15, where was he? It took Harry another 10 minutes to get to my house. 

"I guess you really dont remember" I commented as I smirked

"No, I knew, I just thought I would give you time to pack." He said trying to hide the fact that he got lost.

"Oh sure" I teased. I picked up my purse and started heading to the door but I was stopped by Harry.

"Thats all?" He asked looking astonished "Wheres your suit case?"

"Its all in my purse." I stated wondering why he was so surprised. He got in the car and drove me to a field with a landing pad. Oh great. I think unenthusiacticly. There in the middle of the field was a plane. 

"Is this your private jet?" I asked sounding ammused

"Yes." Harry said seriously

"Um. Harry? You should know something." I muttered.

"What is it love?"

"Im scared of flying."

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