Kenzie grew up right next door to Harry Styles. They were best friends. When Harry moved away and auditioned for The X Factor, her life just wasn't the same. Harry and the boys have come back to his hometown for two months to take a break before the tour.


13. Going Somewhere

*Kenzie's POV*

I let go after a few seconds, keeping eye contact.

"So I'm gonna go change into my pajamas, are you gonna get the movie?" I ask

"Yeah sounds like a plan!" Harry says happily. I grab my pajamas from my bag as Harry walks out the door. I didn't bother locking the door before I stripped down and put my extra long light pink and light grey pajama pants on with a light pink cami that matched the pants. 

There was merely a second before I pulled my shirt down and when Harry opened the door.

"So did they have it?"I ask excitedly

"Yup!" Harry exclaims, "Just gimme a sec to put my pj's on." Without time to respond Harry pulls his pants down showing his boxers.

"HARRY!" I scream covering my eyes, "GIVE ME SOME WARNING NEXT TIME!" Harry chuckled at my protest while I ran into the bathroom. A few minutes latter I hear a knock on the door,

"It's all right to come out! Im decent!" Harry jokes. I come out with my eyes closed slowly opening them to find a shirtless Harry on the bed on the left (The one in front of the tv) patting the spot next to him signaling for me to sit next to him. I slip on my bunny slippers and crawl above the covers next to him. He gets up and puts in the movie and crawls back to bed.

Throughout the movie we talked a little during the boring parts, but when the hulk is released alone with the Black Widow I buried my head in his chest trying to hide. He chuckled when I did that during the scary parts. We almost acted like a couple. It was nice. It made me think of the old times when we were best friends.

When the movie was over we just stayed in bed and asked each other questions,

"What do you think when people compare One Direction to older boy bands?" I ask

"I dont know. I think that we are different. We don't have the same history as those bands, we don't have the same personalities. I guess I just think their wrong." Harry states, "How much on a scale from 1 to 10... ten being 'I thought you were the one!' How much did you miss me when I moved away?"Harry asked. I chuckled at his question but answered it nevertheless,

"Ummmmmm ten" I say giggling, Harrys eyes widen looking at me, "Im just kidding Harry!" I punched him in the arm, "It would probably be like an 8.5. I have to admit. I use to fancy you" I say blushing.

"Use to?" Harry asks "Based on today I would think you still fancy me" Harry teases

"Oh like you weren't flirting!" I tease back

"Your right," Harry says shrinking the gap between our faces, "I like you Kenzie" He whispers just before he places his lips on mine again. This time the kiss was much more passionate. Lots of tongue action, the kind of kiss that would lead to sex. But even though I'm not a virgin I will make sure its not going there tonight.

"Harry," I whisper as I pull away breathless, "Not tonight." I walk over to turn the lights off and crawl into the other bed. I could hear Harry crawl out of bed and walk over to me, but I was surprised when he kissed me on the forehead and said, "Goodnight beautiful."

"Harry?" I ask, "Thank you. Today was the best first date ever." I state

"I thought so too" Harry says from my bedside now holding my hand. He lets go and walks to his bed climbing in.

We both fell asleep fairly quickly but at around three in the morning I found Harrys arm wrapped around me from behind. He was awake. I could feel his piercing stare on me.

"Harry?" I ask, "Why are you cuddling me at three in the morning?"

"You were screaming in your sleep and breathing really heavy. I was trying to comfort you." He stated plainly

"How long did my nightmare last?" I ask curious

"About two hours."

"Shit. I'm sorry Harry! I woke you up and you've been staying up since one in the morning trying to comfort me." I wiped away the sweat in my forehead.

"Can I ask what your nightmare was about?" Harry asked

"I dreamt that we were dating and you died in a plane crash. But the plane held everyone I have ever loved. Friends. Family. Even pets." I say, a tear rolling down my face. Harry doesn't hesitate to wipe it away.

"I tried to save everyone" I say now sobbing, "But it was too late The sight of the bloody, dead bodies of the ones I loved will never leave my brain."

"Hushhhhh. Its okay love. I'm here. We are all alive. I'm alive" Harry whispers, "At least now I know you fancy me too."

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