Kenzie grew up right next door to Harry Styles. They were best friends. When Harry moved away and auditioned for The X Factor, her life just wasn't the same. Harry and the boys have come back to his hometown for two months to take a break before the tour.


1. Tears

*Kenzie's POV*

       I always thought back to when I moved next door to Harry. We became best friends instantly. We laughed, played, and adventured. Harry moved away when we were 15 though, and latter auditioned for The X Factor. He then became 1/5 of One Direction. I thought about him constantly since then.

One day I was at the carnival, alone. It was kind of odd doing all the games by myself, but it was better than sitting at home. Then I saw him. I knew the curly hair and green eyes instantly. I knew he saw me too. He had been staring for awhile. I then felt the urge to fix my dirty blonde hair.

I saw Harry ask Louis something, but he never stopped making eye contact with me. He then walked up to me and said, "Hello, I couldn't help but notice you, and you seem so familiar. Do I know you?" I wrapped him in my arms and I exclaim, "Harry! I haven't seen you in so long!" 

The other boys approach him and he says, "Sorry, can I have a name?" I let go. I cried,

"You don't remember me?" I could feel the tears streaming down my cheeks heavily. Liam, Niall, Zayn, and Louis all hug me as Harry looks at me confused.

"I'm sorry. I might remember you if I knew your name though" He stated

"Kenzie" I wept.

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