The New Me

Hi my name is Amanda Smith and I am just a normal 18 year old who loves all things music wise, food wise, and sneakers wise. Well, that is until the enevitable happens, I am RELATED TO SOMEONE IN THE BAND CALLED ONE DIRECTION!!!! Now, I didn't even know who these guys were, well I have heard of them but never actually cared to look into them. But then out of the blue I am suddenly sucked into the world of fame, popularity, lies and papparrazi, while still struggling to finish off high school. WHAT JOY!! Well ofcourse if I am stuck with this so is my bestfriend Mecca. Read this as Amanda and her friend Mecca struggle with love, betrayal, and all things in between.

As you can see I am not actually good at this stuff............. sooo.... yeah..... HOW BOUT THAT AIRPLANE FOOD!


2. Good change or Bad change

Amanda's POV

          As I woke up I felt like something was going to happen today.  Something whether good or bad was going to change me forever.  I guess we will just have to find out.
          After I had that weird revelation I went to go take a shower, doing all the things girls had to do in there.  As I was taking the shower I was reminiscing all of my good days with my mother who unfortunately died last year to cancer.  My name is Amanda Smith, I am 18 years old and I live with my dad and fraternal twin Kalysta in Staten Island (the lost borough- In Manhattan).  I of course am the eldest.  I just finished high school with exceptional grades and my best friend Mecca and I are going to a college in London, much to my father's dismay.  My twin, I have no clue where she will end up.  My life was perfect until HE showed up, with all his gentlemanly apearances that were all acts to hide his true self.  I guess we all make mistakes, HE was mine.  After I finished thinking about all that like I always do when I take showers I got dressed in some dark blue skinny jeans, vans, and a sweater I got at my old theater.  I put my hair in a bun because ever since my mother died I never felt good enough to wear my hair like she always did, which was out.  It's a long story.  When my hair was done I went to go get my ipod to listen to music because I do that everytime I wake up, every morning.  As I was about to grab it, my phone binged signalling I had a message.  I checked it and it was of course Mecca
From Mecca-Hey Manda I am coming to your house now, K? K.
"Yeah, Mecca sure just come whenever you want." I mumbled as I texted her back.
To Mecca(from Manda)-Yeah sure, not like you even cared what my answer would of been in the first place.
"Sometime's I wonder why I became friends with her in the beginning" I said to myself.  When she didn't text back I decided to bring my ipod downstairs and listen to music as I waited for her by the door.  When I put my earphones on and put music on I walked out of my bedroom dancing to 22 by Taylor Swift and belting out lyrics.  By the time I got to the stairs Stay, Stay, Stay by Taylor was o n and I was dancing like crazy and singing at the same time, not a good combination while going down the stairs.  Luckily, HA GET IT!!(Remember ch.1-Im corny) I didnt fall but I was still dancing while I was waiting for MAH BESTIE!! Because of this, I didn't notice the five handsome guys sitting in the living room plus my dad watching me, and waiting for what? I don't know.  My dad was trying to call me but I couldn't hear him because of the music blasting in my ears
so I was just dancing and singing as loud and as best as I could.  While I was in the middle of a really big part the bell rang and I stopped almost immediately and did the most funniest thing ever.  I opened the door without the person seeing me because I knew who it was and how afraid she is of paranormal things, I opened the door without her seeing me.  Mecca walked in cautiously and
I said "BOO!!!." Mecca jumped fifty feet in the air while I was on the floor laughing hysterically.
           When I finished laughing I saw Mecca stood as rigid as a wall, with her mouth open. 
"What's wrong?" I said. 
All she did was point, so I turned around very slowly and to my surprise there was my dad with the one and only One Direction in the flesh and blood.  The band Mecca is totally freaking in love with.  Now I get my little thinking session I had earlier, this is how my life was going to change, now all I have to figure out is whether this is going to be a good or a bad change.
"HA,HA....... Ohhhhhh............. This is going to be good."

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