The New Me

Hi my name is Amanda Smith and I am just a normal 18 year old who loves all things music wise, food wise, and sneakers wise. Well, that is until the enevitable happens, I am RELATED TO SOMEONE IN THE BAND CALLED ONE DIRECTION!!!! Now, I didn't even know who these guys were, well I have heard of them but never actually cared to look into them. But then out of the blue I am suddenly sucked into the world of fame, popularity, lies and papparrazi, while still struggling to finish off high school. WHAT JOY!! Well ofcourse if I am stuck with this so is my bestfriend Mecca. Read this as Amanda and her friend Mecca struggle with love, betrayal, and all things in between.

As you can see I am not actually good at this stuff............. sooo.... yeah..... HOW BOUT THAT AIRPLANE FOOD!


1. UGHHHH..... not again


          I woke with a start, all sweaty and unkempt as the nightmare I just had kept repeating over and over in my head.  I thought they finished, I thought that when HE got caught they would stop, I thought that when I was free from HIM the nightmares would stop.  But no, since I have the worst luck imaginable in the whole world, they just kept getting worse and worse everytime I slept, with different scenarios all ending with the same thing, me getting hurt.  I was actually thinking about staying awake all hours of the day, everyday but of course that wouldn't work because I would eventually have to go to sleep.  I could imagine doing something totally abnormal and then BAM!! I'm on the floor unconscious because of lack of sleep.  Well, I guess I won't be going back to sleep anytime soon, so of course I did the obvious and listened to music.  To my surprise I found my eyelids start to close and I hoped to God that the nightmares weren't going to return.                                       

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