A Walk To Remember...

Do you believe in fate? Do you believe we have no control with what happens to us or with who we fall in love with? I believe that. I use to believe everything happened by chance and choice.

One day it all stopped. I never believed it until this happened to me.


1. When I Stopped Believing in Chance & Choice

"Please calm down sweetie. I know this is scary but please be patient." my mum said to me as we waited for the doctor to come back with the test results.

"Mum i can't. Why are you so calmed?" i asked as i tapped my foot against the hard white floor.

"I'm just as nervous baby." she said as she looked down at her lap.

I looked over in the hallway when i saw children running by the room i was in. I wish i was a kid again, so i wouldn't be placed in the situation that i am in now. No one deserves to go through what i'm going through. No matter how bad of a person they are.

"Okay we have the results." the doctor said as he walked in and shut the door.

I looked over to my mum. She wiped tears away and reached over for my hand. I held her hand and gave her a light squeeze. Something i always do out of habit when i'm nervous or scared. I don't intend to do it it's just a reflex of mine.

"Okay Charlie we did multiple tests so we can make sure if you have it or not." the doctor said as he folded his hands on his desk.

I was dying to know. I just wanted answers but instead he was waiting it out.

"The tests came out positive. I'm sorry Charlie, you have leukemia." the doctor said.

I felt as if i was in mid air spinning. My heart racing and shattering the same time. My knees weak my body numb. My head starting to hurt i felt as if i wanted to past out. 

My life will never be the same.

That's when i stopped believing in chance and choice.

If life was about chances and choices i wouldn't have chose this. I don't think anyone else would, the ones diagnosed with cancer like me. 

I felt something wet trickling down my face. I felt another hand on my back rubbing circles. All i want to know is how much. How much time do i have.

"I'm sorry baby. I'm sorry." my mum cooed in my ear as she pulled me into a hug.

I cried on her shoulder. I hugged her back and i held her tight. I don't want to let her go and especially now knowing my life is timed. Knowing that any day any moment can be my last.

"How much time? How much time do i have left?" i asked as i pulled away from my mum and looked down at my lap.

"Charlie it's hard to determine. I don't think you have much to worry now. I say give it a few months and we can see from there." the doctor said as he looked sympathetic.

The doctor looked down at his desk. He wrote something down. He kept writing and writing as i sat there watching him and processing what he just told me. I wiped my tears away and tried my best to hold it back.

"We'll get through this baby. I will be by your side." my mum said as she cupped my face in her hands.

I nodded yes to her. Signaling her i understood and accepted her offer.

"Here is prescriptions. I suggest the sooner the better we can stop this from getting too serious. That is too serious too quick." the doctor said as he handed my mum the prescription papers.

"Thank you." my mum said as she stood up.


Me and my mum were driving to town to get the medicine. She also needed to pick stuff up for dinner. The shops in Cheshire all small and very easy to get around. The good side is that you can get just about anything and everything just by going to town.

"Charlie you can look around if you want. I just need to pick dinner up." my mum said as she handed me some money to go browsing.

I walked through the small town. It was crowded considering it was noon and everyone is out and about. I walked to this shop that had lovely handmade jewelry displayed. I saw the price through the big window and why bother if i couldn't purchase a single thing in there.

I walked a few more shops down. None of the shops had sales. The only shops were bakeries and meat shops. My mum has that covered. I walked down to the bakery i walked in just to browse. If i find something appealing i can dessert covered.

I spotted a lovely chocolate ganache cake with strawberries on top. The bakery was small and not too busy. No surprise considering there were like two bakeries i passed by. I picked up the dessert that was on display. I walked over to the counter to purchase it.

I waited for someone to come out. I spotted a woman around my mum's age. She had dark brown hair and she looked young. She looked lovely. She came out with a smile as she enjoyed her job.

"Hello sweetie. You ready?" she asked as she grabbed the cake to box it.

"Hi. Yes i'm ready." i said as i dug in my purse for the money i just had.

I toke out papers in my bag and set them on the counter. I dug around as i looked for the money. I found the money and handed it to the woman. I grabbed the papers and stuffed them in my bag again.

"Do you live around here?" she asked as she punched the buttons on the register.

"Yes. I live 5 minutes away." i said as i waited for her to give me my change.

"You look familiar. I think you live by me." she said as she pulled out the money from the register.

"I'm not sure." i said as i looked at her harder.

"I have a son and a daughter. My daughter is maybe a few years older than you and you two use to play a lot." she said as she handed me my change.

"Maybe a name will help." i said as i stuffed the change in my pockets.

"Gemma." she said as she bagged the box.

That's when it hit me. I did know her daughter. Not only her daughter though i knew her son.

I went to school with her son and he would pick on me with his best friend Louis. They would call me names just because my parent or didn't have the finer things in life. I would have to walk to school instead of drive or get driven. My parents don't have much money. 

My dad is a carpenter and my mum is a midwife. That tells you their income.

"Yeah i remember her. How is she?" i asked as i received the bag.

"She's good. Just in Uni now." she said as i saw the familiar boy whip around from the back.

"Look i have to go i'm sorry my mum is waiting." i said as i hurried to the door.

I hurried until i was outside. He saw me i knew it. I know he was going to say something to me. Especially now since his mum is going to tell him i live a few doors down from him.

Harry's Point of View:

I walked from the back to see who my mum was talking too. My mum can be a little too friendly to people she just meets in the shop. She thinks everyone is good people considering we all live in the same small town.

I stepped out front to see. There i saw Charlie. She was talking to my mum. I don't know about what but she was into the conversation. 

Once she saw me it looked like she saw a ghost. She hurried out the shop as she wanted to avoid me. I noticed my mum she looked concerned about Charlie. Honestly i wasn't Charlie was weird and just being herself.

"Harry go put this out." my mum said as she handed me a tray of canolis. 

I grabbed the tray from her and began to put them out. My mum grabbed the broom and began to sweep up. It was Saturday and we close early so we only had an hour left until we closed.

"Harry what is this?" my mum asked as she held up a piece of paper.

"Mum i don't know. Open it." i said as i finished up laying the canolis.

My mum opened the paper. I walked back to put the tray down. She looked like she saw a ghost. I saw a tear escape from her eye. What could this paper possibly contain? I walked over to her an snatched the paper from her.

I read it and came across Charlie's name. Then i read it to see that it was test results. My eyes grew wide as i saw the bold word, Positive. Then the next word leukemia. Charlie has cancer and I've been nothing but a dick to her with Louis. 

"Harry please go see if you can catch up to her. You need to give this to her." my mum said as she wiped her tears away.

"Okay." i said as i took my apron off and walked out the bakery.

I walked down where i last saw her headed. I saw her blonde hair and saw the outfit she wore. I noticed she was walking and wasn't stopping.

"Charlie! Wait! Charlie!" 


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