The bellé show

This is the story of how I fell in love! Yeah yeah I know what your thinking teenage lovey dovey sh*t. Well for me it's not like that at all everything was perfect for me but so fake I fell in love because of the show but the show was horrible, horrific but I didn't even know. My whole life was on camera and I didn't even realise! How would you like your every move watched, all of your friends paid to be your friend and your family paid and they don't even love you as much as you love them because they're paid it's their job! Well it feels like sh*t! ok so I'm on this show called 'the bellé show' where my every move is live on tv but I don't know, so everyone in the world can watch me, Creepy aye. It all started when I was born my biological mum gave me up and Graham Milton a famous movie producer decided to adopt me and give me the perfect life but I was watched everyday of my life on tv. I'll tell you how the show helped me find my true love and how he knew me More then I ever knew!


2. Chapter two

Chapter 2 

No ones P.O.V 

' omg! Omg! Omg! We actually get to meet the guy who made bellé kinda!?' Liam said but was confusing himself at the same time. ' shit what if he lets us meet her!' Niall said with excitement. ' I'm excited but last night she refused to eat her carrots, so I'm alittle hurt.' Louis said while looking  at the ground disappointed. ' has she said who she likes the best out of us?' Harry asked. ' cause it would be great if it was me.' at that moment Niall turned and looked at Harry like he just killed someone and said ' NO, no, no, no, no, no, no and NO! She is MINE!!!!' ' Bitch please bellé and Niall are meant to be together ,  you have taylor.' Louis said while winking at Niall. ' NO, NO, NO! They're just rumours!' harry defended himself. Louis giggled. ' chill, Harry, chill' zayn said soothingly. 

Graham Milton's assistants ( renee) P.O.V
~ the next day~
'You may come in ' I said to the hottest guys I've ever seen! Seriously I thought I was about to faint . I had to fight the erg to jump on them! 'you may leave, renee' graham said. ' ok, sir' I replied while leavening the room. 

~ a few hours later~ 

The guys walked out the door while I was talking to a camera guy. I turned around to see Harry right behind me . My heart stopped! ' hey ummmm... Graham told me to tell you, "you can come back inside" he said. I couldn't say anything. ' say something you look like a fool!' I thought. ' uh thanks harrry' I said stuttering ' hopefully we'll meet again' he said while winking at me, he left before I could reply. 

Nialls P.O.V 

'Omg omg omg graham is the most amazing guy ever! He's so nice letting us meet her. But wait wait I'll have to act like I don't know her, act like she's just another fan, when she's not i feel like we're best friends.' I said to myself

Bellé's P.O.V

I was singing and dancing around the kitchen cause I was happy for some reason, I also was looking for the chocolate mum hid (shhh don't tell her) . I just felt something good will happen today. it was a friday afternoon, I had no homework and nothing bad happened.

~ an hour later~ 
I heard a knock on the door. So I suddenly hid the 75% eaten chocolate, turned off the tv and checked though the picky hole who it was. And of corse it was mum I new it would be mum but I love to look though the picky hole cause it makes me feel in control. ' hey' I said to mum while grabbing some of the groceries in her hands. ' now bellé I've got a surprise for you' mum said with excitement. ' oooooooh  what ?' ' ok so you know how one direction are coming to Summerville?' mum asked. Oh and by the I live in Summerville. ' no how did you find out before me' 'they only announced it today I thought you would already know' at that secound I ran up stairs and looked up 1D (on YouTube) and there it was '1D are coming to Summerville!!!' I clicked on the video ' hi, we're one direction. Louis: and we're coming to... Everyone: Summerville!!! Liam: ok so everyone in Summerville should have got a ticket for a chance to meet us. ( he showed us a ticket) Harry: so if you win you get to meet me. ( he winked at me I thought I was about to faint) Niall: yeh and ME!!! ( Niall said while giving Harry a dirty look) zayn: anyway.. You'll get to meet all of us. Liam: good luck! ( Louis grabbed Niall and said) Louis: here take Niall you can have all of the luck of the Irish  ( everyone started laughing) everyone: bye!
And the video ended. And I walked down stairs ' sooooo mum what was the surprise??' I asked excited. ' here's the ticket... But don't get your hopes up?' she said while handing me the ticket...

A/N  I've always wanted to do a cliffhanger.. I'm so glad you guys are likening it! sorry I've not updated sooner but my internet was being stupid yesterday.. Yeh well I hope you like this chapter. 

Love yous 
Becdalexx I should really have maybe a nickname comment some you think are awesome
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