The bellé show

This is the story of how I fell in love! Yeah yeah I know what your thinking teenage lovey dovey sh*t. Well for me it's not like that at all everything was perfect for me but so fake I fell in love because of the show but the show was horrible, horrific but I didn't even know. My whole life was on camera and I didn't even realise! How would you like your every move watched, all of your friends paid to be your friend and your family paid and they don't even love you as much as you love them because they're paid it's their job! Well it feels like sh*t! ok so I'm on this show called 'the bellé show' where my every move is live on tv but I don't know, so everyone in the world can watch me, Creepy aye. It all started when I was born my biological mum gave me up and Graham Milton a famous movie producer decided to adopt me and give me the perfect life but I was watched everyday of my life on tv. I'll tell you how the show helped me find my true love and how he knew me More then I ever knew!


1. Chapter one

Bellé P.O.V

'Mum why can't we travel and go overseas like normal people?' I ask my mum for like the trillionth time while searching the fridge for something to eat. She turned around and gave me a sharp eye but I couldn't help but think it was funny she was angry but I wasn't scared cause of her short, curly,  dark brown almost black hair bouncing around like a mad thing cause she spun around so quickly. ' where in the world do you want to go? Where? Where?'  she screamed getting louder with every word. But at this point her curls stopped bouncing happily and I felt my mums eyes burning into me like a hot blade. I don't know why but every time I asked why we didn't go anywhere she got so angry. ' how about Australia? Is beautiful, warm and the beach would be wonderfully amazing!' I said with excitement. ' Australia? Australia? Are you serious bellé, your 18, there are so many dangerous animals there that can kill you in seconds!!!' she said with so much anger and hatred in her eyes ' and if you got hurt I don't know what I would do. Your my little baby!' she said running over to me and hugging me so tight I could barely breath! ' now darling don't you ever mention this again!!!' ' ok mum' I said while running upstairs to see if one direction have any more videos . I clicked on a new video of an interview with 1D and it started loading but then in a second it flashed unsafe and said I couldn't watch it. Well that's quire ! 

One direction at an interview 
No ones P.O.V

' so boys what do you think about bellé on 'the Bellé show' and how your her idols and she doesn't even know that you actually know who she is?' the interviewers asked the boys. 
' well I'm a huge fan of bellé I watch her show every day and I wish I knew her in person cause I think we would get on so well.' Liam started off. ' she's really pretty and I really want to meet her! I feel I know her like she's my best friend!' Niall said. 'really Awesome cause we all are really big fans!' Harry said proudly. ' what would you guys do if you met her?' asked the interviewer. 'marry her!' said Niall then realising what he said aloud. Everyone started laughing at Niall as he sat there awkwardly. 'ask her out on a date.' Harry said. ' over my dead body' screamed Niall putting his fist close to Harry face. 'ok, ok calm down Niall!' Liam said soothingly .

Graham Milton's P.O.V

' what's she looking up?' I yell to one of my camera men. ' one direction, sir' he replays 
' check every video  to see if they mention her in it at one point!!!' I command . ' and if one of then does block her from it immediately !' 
*Hours   Later* 
'Sir, sir one direction are on the phone they want to make an appointment to see you' my assistant informs me. ' ok tell them any time '  
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