My Life with One Direction

Ava Edwards is a 16-year-old girl who is not only smart but is also an amazing writer. That’s why her friend sends in one of her pieces to a contest sponsored by Seventeen Magazine. And the winner gets to live with and write a whole magazine about…ONE DIRECTION! She thinks her chances of winning are a million to one. But are they really?


1. The Contest

“Dear video diary, you may be asking yourself why I am doing this.  Well the answer to that question is…. I really don’t know.  Well I do actually.  This is something that I have to do because my therapist thinks it will help me relieve stress.  She told me that I needed to have a diary to write down all feelings.  And since I am too lazy to write, I have decided to do a diary on my Mac…. a video diary to be exact.  Well just to clarify about the whole therapist thing, I am not crazy, even though talking to a laptop may seem that way, but it’s just that I’ve been very stressed with school, actually to be more specific, the IB program.  IB stands for International Baccalaureate.  It’s really hard and I hate it.  But it’s really been helping me prepare for college though.  And the Higher Level goes really in depth with everything!  Anyways because it’s hard I’ve been struggling and stressing over everything so my mother took me to the therapist.  And that is why I am doing this video diary.  I really don’t know how this is going to help me relieve stress, but whatever.  Anyways it’s almost time for school and I cannot be late for TOK.  So um yeah, goodbye.” 


I closed my laptop and sighed.  I honestly did not know how this was supposed to help me.  I put on my backpack and grabbed my purse.  Today was a lazy day for me because I am wearing my sweatshirt and sweatpants. 

“Mom, hurry up please.”  I yelled as I was walking down the stairs.  My mother still takes me to school because I don’t have a car, and the reason I don’t have a car is because I haven’t been to the DMV to take my test yet, I have my permit though. 

“I am almost done packing your sister’s lunch.”  My mother yells back from the kitchen.  As I walk towards the kitchen I see that my little sister is on the floor tying her shoes.  She looks up and smiles.

“Good morning Ava!”

“Hey, good morning Val.”  I walked towards my mother and give her a kiss on the cheek.

“Good morning mother.” I said as I grabbed an apple.  My mother smiled at me and finished packing my sister’s lunch.

“Good morning Ava, okay lets go, hopefully Karen wakes up so she won’t be late again.”  I have an older sister named Karen, the reason I don’t ride with her is that I have TOK, which stands for Theory of Knowledge, which is an IB class that I have to take at 7:40, and school doesn’t start until 8:45.  TOK is kind of like philosophy they ask you questions like “Do you know what you think you know” so something like that.   But anyways that is why Karen goes to school later than I do.  We went outside and my mother started the car.  Val and I got in the car and left to go drop me off first.  When I saw Grayson High School I felt like I was going to cry.  I mean yeah getting an education is a really good thing but come one, all I do is study, study, and study!  I mean yeah I go out with my friends occasionally but that’s not enough.  I have never really left the state of South Carolina, and I really want too! 

“Hey honey, get your head out of the clouds and hurry up!”  My mother said smiling.  I looked and smiled and gave her a kiss goodbye.

“Bye mom.  Bye Val, love you guys.”  I said as I got out of the car.  I quickly walked into school and also to my classroom with was downstairs so that’s good that I didn’t have it upstairs.  I walked in and saw that no one was there.

“Are you freaking kidding me?”  I said.  I sat down and threw all my stuff.

“Testy today aren’t we Ava.” I turned around to see Mrs. Williams.  She is my TOK and English teacher, and a very, very smart woman.

“Ah Mrs. Williams, I didn’t see you there.”

“Yeah well dear, what is the matter?”

“Are we having TOK?”

“Did you not get the text?  It was cancelled due to the fact that I have a faculty meeting that I must attend to right about now."

“You see I didn’t get that text, oh well.  See you later Mrs. Williams.”  I grabbed my stuff and left the classroom in a hurry.  She is a lovely woman but she makes me feel really stupid.  I decided to go to the newspaper meeting.  Since I never really go to the meetings since I am very busy in the mornings and that is when the meetings are. Mr. Chesney is the newspaper advisor.  All the girls go crazy over him.  He has short blonde hair, blue eyes and is very tall.  Our newspaper staff is mainly made up of girls (no shocker there right?).  But there is only one guy, and his name is Nick Davis, he is the editor and chief, he is a nice guy and really cool.  You can even say that I consider him one of my good friends.

“Ava!  Why thank you for gracing us with your presence!”  I hear Mr. Chesney say.  I laugh and blush at the same time.

“Ha.  Good one Mr. Chesney, sorry it’s just that I have been super busy!”

“Eh don’t apologize, it’s fine just as long as you keep on turning in those articles.”  Uh duh, that’s the whole reason why I joined the newspaper.  I love writing.  And I love people seeing my writing.  So why would I not turn in the articles?  Everyone was busy on computers writing away on their articles. 

“Hey Ava can you come over here?” I hear Nick say.  I leave Mr. Chesney and walk over to Nick.  Nick was grinning at me and kept on motioning me with his hand to hurry up.  When I got there Nick grabbed my arm and dragged me to the small room where we hold our interviews.  He closed the door and turned around to look at me still grinning.  I was getting kind of freaked out by all his grinning.

“Guess what?!” Nick said excitedly.  I know I probably have a strange look on my face when I answered his question.

“Uh, what?”

“You’re going to LOVE me!”

“Oh am I.  What’s going on?”

“Well have you ever heard of the magazine Seventeen?”

“Uh duh, of course I have what kind of question is that.”

“Well did you know about the contest that they are doing?”

“Yes.  I say that is the most stupidest contest ever.”  Seventeen is doing a contest about who is the best writer.  You send in an article or an essay that you have written and if you are chosen as the winner you get to live a few months with a band called…One Direction and write down everything that happens and turn it into a magazine!  I promised myself that I would never sign up for that contest because it would be a waste of my time and talent.  Hello I don’t want to spend my precious summer with that boy band.  I don’t hate them or anything like that.  I just think that they are annoying.   They are like 5 freaking Justin Biebers.  Every girl in my school is always talking about them!  All I hear is One direction this, One direction that. I don’t want to waste my writing abilities on them.  I want to write about things that are happening around the world and fashion!  Not about a boy band.  The worst part about that magazine is the name.  It is going to be called My Life with One Direction.  Uh hello your not going to be spending your whole life with them, just a few months and then they won’t even remember who you are when you are done.  When I tell Nick all this he gets a worried expression on his face.

“Uh, are you sure you think it’s stupid?” Nick said slowly.

“Yeah of course, why are you even….” I stopped in midsentence and looked at Nick.  My stomach dropped and my anger was rising with what I had just put together.

“Look, I-I-I can explain!” Nick said backing away slowly.  Did I ever say that I thought he was a cool guy and that I considered him as one of my good friends?  Well if I did I lied.  Nick Davis is a dead idiot.

“HOW COULD YOU? I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!”  I yelled at the top of my lungs.  I reached out for him and grabbed him by his shirt. 

“Look Ava, I thought you would want this!  I thought you would be happy about this huge opportunity!”  He said, his voice rising also.

“Yeah why the hell would you think that?!  Do I look like a one direction fan?”

“No but you look like an amazing writer.  If you do this think about how many people are going to read this?  A lot of the other magazines like Teen Vogue for example!”  I loosened my grip on his shirt.  I was a little surprised.  I didn’t think about that.  I absolutely loved Teen Vogue.  Working with Seventeen would start my whole journalism career or at least help it!  The door to the room opened and Mr. Chesney started saying whoa.

“What’s going on here?” Mr. Chesney asked as he walked in.  I let go of Nick’s shirt, took one last look at him and stormed off.  I wasn’t mad that he did that anymore, just the fact that he didn’t ask me first.  I mean it would be an amazing opportunity but I doubt I would actually win.  There are a lot of writers that are just as good or even better than me.  I decided not to worry about it and get to my first period.


            School went by in a flash.  Nick tried talking to me but I just ignored him and went to go look for my ride.  Karen was in the middle of a conversation with Josh Davis, Nick’s older brother, when I walked up to them.

“Hey A, what’s up?”  Josh said smiling at me.  I didn’t even look at him, all I did was turn to my sister.

“Let’s go.”  I said.  Karen rolled her eyes and kissed Josh good-bye.  Yeah my sister was dating my enemy’s brother.  Karen ran up to her car and opened it.  I threw my stuff in the back and sat down in the passengers seat.   I put on seat belt and crossed my arms.  Karen turned on the car and pulled out of the parking space.  She turned on her radio and guess who came on?  Yeah, it was One Direction.

“Ugh.”  I said and covered my face with my hands.

“What’s wrong?”  Karen asked me while she turned up the radio. “Don’t you love this song?”  I glared at her and sighed.

“Yeah sure whatever.”

“No for real though, what’s up?  You seem kind of moody.  You didn’t say hi to Josh and you hurried me up.”  Karen said as she lowered the volume of the radio.  I sighed and told her all about what happened.

“Can you believe Nick?  I hate him.  I mean yeah it would help me but he should have asked for my permission first!”  I said as we pulled in to our driveway.  When Karen parked and turned off the car she stared at me in awe.

“Um hello sister, do you not know who One Direction is?  The HOTTEST boy band out there!  They are so adorable and if I were you I would be so happy that I could maybe get a chance to meet them!  I love them!”   And she did.  She has posters of them all over her half of the room and is always listening to their music ever since she discovered them.  Maybe that’s why I don’t like them thanks to my dear sister. 

“Yeah well I’m not.  Hey why don’t you enter the contest?”  I said sarcastically and went inside the house and went to our room.  Yeah right, my sister is not the type of person who writes during her free time.  She barely even reads, the only time you see her reading is if it is for a class.  The only thing Karen enjoys reading is everything that has to do with modeling so she can improve on her modeling.  Yeah my gorgeous sister is a model.  Not yet famous but she takes modeling classes with Barbizon.  I put all my stuff down on the floor and decided to then lay down on my bed.  I stared at the ceiling and sighed.  I have to admit to myself that winning that contest was something that I wouldn’t mind.  Everything has always been about my sister’s accomplishments at pageants and everything.  My parents don’t really take that much interest in the school newspaper so if I win that contest I won’t just be writing for that newspaper I will be writing for a very popular magazine!  This contest could be all what I was waiting for.  But what are my chances of actually winning that contest?  They are a million to one.


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