in your arms

lizzie looks just like any normal 16 year old but she isnt. her life is a living hell after her mom dies in a tragic accident , her dad becomes abusive and the only other family(her older brother) leaves. as lizzie faces life alone she often wonders why she lives? when she has nothing. one night she makes up her mind. but to do what will she end everything or find safety in the most unexpected way?


5. why?

~niall's pov~ 

  when the doctor left I opened my mouth to say something to Haz but nothing came out so i closed my mouth and then opened it again because I thought I knew what to say, but I didn't. There is nothing, not enough words in the world that could describe my feelings about my current position. I wasn't even sure what I was feeling, I was so confused and wanted to know who did this to the lovely young girl who had found her way to my doorstep. Another question was how? How did this happen and what did she do to deserve it? Before i could think any more Harry must have sensed me because he put his hand on my shoulder and said "Come on mate, lets go sit down I'm sure the doctor will be back in a couple of minutes with good news." And with that i went and sat down and slowly fell asleep.


     What felt like 5 minutes later turned into 45 minutes because when I woke up there stood harry and the doctor talking about the girl. "So" I heard the doctor say, they didn't notice I was awake. "There doesn't seem to be any permanent damage done, only minor blood loss and two broken ribs which should heal within a couple weeks. You go visit her now, her room number is 347A". "Thank you doctor" Harry said in response still unaware of my presence. Then the doctor left and Harry turned and caught my eye. All i did was get up and start looking for her room number, still unable to get a hold of what i wanted to say.    

     Only five minutes passed until we found the room, but we didn't go in immediately. I spoke for the first time since the nurse asked me what happened to her. "Haz... can i go in alone?" "Yeah of course mate" Harry answered and he started to speak again but I didn't hear because I was already in her room and closing the door. She was asleep and looked like a angle.


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