in your arms

lizzie looks just like any normal 16 year old but she isnt. her life is a living hell after her mom dies in a tragic accident , her dad becomes abusive and the only other family(her older brother) leaves. as lizzie faces life alone she often wonders why she lives? when she has nothing. one night she makes up her mind. but to do what will she end everything or find safety in the most unexpected way?


6. those ocean eyes

~Lizzie's pov~ 

I woke up in a white room with machines hooked up to me and i was in pain, the kind of pain that prevents you from moving anything. I turned my head a little bit so i could get a look around, I saw a guy with his head in his hands on the other side of the room. He had blonde hair that had tints of brown in it I couldn't see his face which was annoying me because I wanted to know if I knew him or not. Oh and speaking of knowing things why am i in this hospital room with machines hooked up to me with a strange yet handsome man standing in here with me? He looked up and we both froze. We held eye contact for a long time, his eyes I just got lost in them. It is almost like i can see myself with this guy for a while and i have no idea why because i don't even know him. They were a gorgeous shade of blue and they just melted me. The silence we had created was broken by him speaking first "Hi my name's Niall" his lovely Irish accent said "do you know why you in here? The doctors told me you might not remember anything". It took me a minute to choose my words because my head did hurt as with the rest of my body. I started talking slowly "Hello Niall i'm Elizabeth but you can call me Lizzie and no, i don't exactly remember why im in here". Then i paused for a second "all i know is I hurt a lot and want to know why". This made us both laugh a little, it wasn't like that was funny kinda laught it was more like just a nervous laugh to get so tension out of the air. "Do you mind if I ask you so more questions before i tell you what happened?" Niall kindly asked me and i simply gave him a little thumbs up for him to continue. We both laughed a little at that and he started talking.

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