in your arms

lizzie looks just like any normal 16 year old but she isnt. her life is a living hell after her mom dies in a tragic accident , her dad becomes abusive and the only other family(her older brother) leaves. as lizzie faces life alone she often wonders why she lives? when she has nothing. one night she makes up her mind. but to do what will she end everything or find safety in the most unexpected way?


3. the loudest silence

~harry's pov~

     The ride to the hospital only took a half an hour but it felt like forever. I can't sit still, i cant think all i'm focused on was the road and the girl in the back of my car; the girl with the blood dripping from her back and bruises every were. Also what the hell did niall have to do with her? And who or what did this to the beautiful girl in the back of my car? Wait what am i thinking? I thinking about how beautiful this girl is when a) i dont even know her name and b) we are in a life or death situation. 

    "niall how is she doing back there?" he pauses for a minute then we're at th e hospital and i say "nevermind" 

    We run in the hospital the mystery girl in nialls arm and we scream for a doctor. As soon one comes he yells for nurses and some of them ask us questions which i hand over to niall since i knew as much as the nurses. "Well i'm the one you should question" niall begins " because my mate here knows as much as you do.  Basically what  happened was about a half hour ago i was watching tv and the i heard this loud crash outside so i went to look and i just saw her on the ground injured and well now were here and can you please tell me any information on her?" The nurse begins " thank you sir and i'll go talk to the doctor to see if there is any news on her condition" "thank you" niall and i both said.



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