in your arms

lizzie looks just like any normal 16 year old but she isnt. her life is a living hell after her mom dies in a tragic accident , her dad becomes abusive and the only other family(her older brother) leaves. as lizzie faces life alone she often wonders why she lives? when she has nothing. one night she makes up her mind. but to do what will she end everything or find safety in the most unexpected way?


2. the irish boy

~nialls p.o.v~ 

   my mind is racing as i bring the girl who looks no more then 16 into my flat i instantly think to drive to the hospital when i see the knife in her back. wait a knife in her back.. what? at that moment my mind raps around the severity of the situation the blood the tears all over this beautiful girl. What? I decided not to question anymore I instantly called harry. "hello?" i heard harry on the other end of my phone " hey Hazza-" i didnt get to finish before he interrupted me" hey niall. why are you calling me at 3 in the morning?" " look harry" i said " i need you to drive to my flat now no questions asked get here as fast as possible ok?" he didnt ask any questions just said ok.

   ~10 minutes later~

   Hazza gets here just in time and as he walks in he freezes " N-niall" harry stutters to ge out my name as he looks at the girl in my arms "i'll explain in the car but we have to go now". my stern voice scares him and he just turns around, runs too his car and opens the back seat door. " thank you" i say as i put the girl in his car and run around to the other side and hop in the passenger side. 

~harrys p.o.v~ 

   "what the hell dude explain now?!?!" i scream at niall as we drive to the nearest hospital.

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