in your arms

lizzie looks just like any normal 16 year old but she isnt. her life is a living hell after her mom dies in a tragic accident , her dad becomes abusive and the only other family(her older brother) leaves. as lizzie faces life alone she often wonders why she lives? when she has nothing. one night she makes up her mind. but to do what will she end everything or find safety in the most unexpected way?


4. auther's note to my lovely readers<3

~ hey readers i'm going to be writing a lot more and also i will be making the chapters A LOT longer  because i know these first few chapters are short and kind of suckish so i want  apologies for that and i know i haven't written a lot but that's because i have so much homework and studying and midterms so after that is done i will wright tons more. so thank you for reading it please favorite because it will get better i promise well comment you friends about my movella please and thank you:) ~Lizzie Horan<3 lots of love to my readers bye now!!! 

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