Love at first sight

Ariana was just your normal 15 year old girl who was obsessed with a boyband named One Direction. After going through various types of Kemo Therapy her life changed for the better.


6. What is there to explain?

Liams POV

Wow Ariana's party is going so well. Dani and I were about to start dancing but we saw Ariana and Zayn running out of the house. We decided to run after them.


Arianas POV

I couldn't believe it. He had hurt me so much that I had to be forced to run out of my own house. I looked up at Zayn, I looked into his gourgeous brown eyes, there were tears starting to form in his eyes. I couldn't control myself, I kissed him, he kissed back.


Zayns POV

I kissed Ariana. I don't care if Louis and Perrie are mad at me. They obviously don't care about me or Ariana so why should we care about them? I couldn't handle going back in there. But I did.

Louis POV

I ran back downstairs and outside. I saw Zayn and Ariana kissing. I was hurt but I knew why. I really did hurt them. "Ariana, I can explain," I yelled out to her. She came over and said "what is there to explain? You kissed Perrie, that's all that there is to it. If you don't love me, I don't love you. Goodbye Louis," is all she said. I was dying inside.

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