Love at first sight

Ariana was just your normal 15 year old girl who was obsessed with a boyband named One Direction. After going through various types of Kemo Therapy her life changed for the better.


2. The Tommo.

Louis POV

I walked into my girlfriends bedroom and she was on the phone so I yanked it out of  her hand and hung up. "So am I invited to this fantastic party I hear you are having tonight?" I asked as I gave Ari a little kiss on the cheek. She nodded.

-So when is this party going to start?

-Not for a while now Louis

-Louis is not my name it is Louis the Tommo Tomlinson!


Arianas POV

yay! My boyfriend is here! Louis and I still haven't gone public yet :/ I kinda want to but ten I don't know if I can deal with all of the hate. Louis and I were both hungry so we went out for lunch together. We decided to go to a new place. I'm not too sure of the name though. We sat down and I ordered a chicken salad, Louis ordered spaghetti.


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