Love at first sight

Ariana was just your normal 15 year old girl who was obsessed with a boyband named One Direction. After going through various types of Kemo Therapy her life changed for the better.


7. Could he be the one?

Arianas POV

I felt bad, not just for me, but for Zayn too. The party was over. Everyone went home but Zayn, Harry, Liam and Niall stayed at mine for a little longer. "I feel like killing everybody right now," Zayn explained. "Zayn, you just have to get your head around that Perrie is a low-life who would kiss any man in sight," Liam said. Zayn didn't want to stay at his house because he lives with Louis so I let him stay at mine for a couple of weeks.

A/N I don't really mean that. ILY PERRIE <3

Zayns POV

I was so thankful that Ari was willing to let me stay at her house for a while. Niall had just gotton back from getting me some clothes and stuff from now called Louis house. Arianas house was pretty small and only had 1 room so I had to sleep on a spare mattress on the ground in her room.

Arianas POV

I was falling for him. I know I had just been through a tough and unexpected break-up but I was falling for Zayn. He is advertised as a 'bradford bad boy' but tonight I saw a different side of him. A side that I like more than the bradford bad boy side. When I look into his eyes I can see us together forever. I think that he could be the one.


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