Love at first sight

Ariana was just your normal 15 year old girl who was obsessed with a boyband named One Direction. After going through various types of Kemo Therapy her life changed for the better.


8. Boyfriend and Girlfriend

Zayns POV

It was a week since the incident and I woke up, not in my bed though. I was in Arianas. I really want us to be a couple but I don't know if it's too early or if she would even want to. I decided to reel her in :). It was only 6:30am and she was still asleep. Ariana is a deep and long sleeper. I would only just have enough time to plan my surprise for her.

Arianas POV

I woke up to a big slobbery kiss. But not from Zayn. It felt like a dogs tongue. I slowly opened up my eyes and on the bed was a tiny wite and black maltese. "ZAYN! Where did this cute dog come from!" I yelled. "Don't you mean where did your cute dog come from?" He said. OMG Zayn Malik bought me a dog! I looked closer at His coller and on it said 'we both love you'. I jumped up and hugged Zayn so tight that I nearly killed him. "I love you too," I wispered in his ear. "So does this mean that I am your boyfriend?" He asked. "Of course," I replied. Not only did Zayn and I have our own dog but we were dating! OMG Best day ever.

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