Love at first sight

Ariana was just your normal 15 year old girl who was obsessed with a boyband named One Direction. After going through various types of Kemo Therapy her life changed for the better.


1. Awoken.

Arianas POV

Finally the day came that I had my last round of chemo! Yay happy times. Charlotte, my doctor came in and told me that I could go home now. "Thank you," I said as I walked out of the hospital. My Mum was waiting in the car outside. I know not the proper way to leave a hospital but I had gotten used to it by now.

Mum drove me home. "Hey Mum," I said "do you think that maybe I could go out tonight or have like a party at my house tonight to you know celebrate that I had bet the cancer?"

"Sure," Mum replied. I was so happy I got home and called all of my friends Abby, Lucy, Katy and many more. I was in the middle of a phone conversation with my friend Liz when my boyfriend, Louis Tomlinson walked in.

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