The Big Decision

Lexi and Hayley.. two girls who had known each other since preschool and have been bestfriends ever since. There is a group of new guys who move to thier town and Lexi instintly fell in love with one of them. He had Dirty blond hair with his brown roots growing back. She instinitly had to tell her bestfriend and to find out they are dating. What will happen to there friendship?


1. It's a date ;)

"Oh my gawd!"Lexi says flipping through her Tween magazine."What? "Hayley says. "It's Taylor Lautner and he is shirtless!!!!!" Lexi says in a screeching high voice. Hayley grabs the magazine from her hands and stares at the picture. "So are you excited about school?" Lexi asked. "Not really,I mean sorta but it's school." Hayley says. 'Yeah I can't wait to see the new kids that ashley was talking about. Lexi says."let's go to bed we have to get up early tommorrow." Hayley says."okay goodnight". Lexi says turning the lights off.

Beep Beep Beep. "Lexi turn the alarm clock off!" Hayley says."Ugh shut up!" Lexi says hitting the snooze button on the alarm clock. Lexi slowly gets up to go get ready,with Hayley following behind her.Hayley puts on white skinnies with a gray hollister sweater and black vans,and Lexi puts on jean skinnies with a aeropostal long sleeve shoulder shirt with black toms.Lexi curls her long bleach hair,beach curls and puts on eyeliner,gloss and brown and black eyeshadow to bring out her eyes while Hayley straightings her hair and doesnt wear makeup.


They both pile up in Lexi's orange jeep with the top down and no doors.Lexi floors it to the school blaring her radio.They step out slowly when they arrive at the school while taking off there sunglasses and put them on there shirts and grab there bags."Oh my god!There here!The new kids!"A random girl screams out. Everyone runs to the doors.Lexi and Hayley just walk on to there lockers."New kids." Hayley says under her breath. A few minutes later everyone leaves the new kids and go to there class."Excuse me miss Dooley and Bell can you show the new boys around it would be a great help." Mrs.Richardson the principle says."Sure why not." Lexi says. "Hi." A guy with curly hair says with the cutest smile says to Lexi."Blondie,Wierd hair your with me." Hayley says to Niall and Zayn. Niall laughs at Zayn."Does my hair really look weird?" Zayn says to Niall. "Yes haha" Niall says.

"Can I see your schedule?" Lexi asked. Liam hands her his schedule bur Harry is staring at her."Ohh what"? Harry Asked."Umm your class schedule." Lexi says.

"Ohh yeah here" Harry says handed her his paper.

Hayley was walking to Zayns class."Umm here is english 1 have fun." Hayley says to Zayn. "My name is Zayn he says"

"Okay haha.Have fun Zayn."

"He is pretty sad.You brought him down when you called him weird hair haha." Niall says "Im sorry I didn't know his name haha" Hayley says. "I like your smile" Niall says. Hayley blushes."Thanks."  Hayley starts to walk and she had to tell Niall something and she turned around and he was reading his paper and he bumped into her and his hand hits her waist. "Im sorry!" Hayley says. "It's okay." Niall says laughing.

"Are you seeing anyone?" Niall ask Hayley. "Umm no." Hayley says smiling. "What are you doing Friday?" Niall ask. "Nothing." Hayley blushes. "Wanna go eat or something?" "Sure hehe." Hayley says. "It's a date then." Niall says. "Okay haha,well heres your class." Hayley says. "Thanks and hey can you not tell anyone about our date I don't want to make people mad. "Okay I won't." Hayley blushes. Niall walks so close to Hayley she can feel him breathing on her."Promise?" Niall says smiling. "I-I promise." Hayley says looking straight into his blue green eyes.

"So Lexi how long have you lived here?" Liam says. "Since I was born." Lexi says laughing. Harry was looking right at Lexi then trips over Lexi's shoe while she was talking to Liam. "Oh My God!Are you okay?" Lexi says. Liam is laughing uncontrollably."Oww my head hurts." "Maybe if you wasn't staring at people you wouldn't fall."Liam says laughing."Shut-up." Harry says. "How about imake it up to you,with coffee after school?" Lexi says smiling. "sounds good to me" Harry says smiling." Come on love birds I got to get to class." Were coming haha." Harry says.

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