My Heart's Payne

Elena Fillmore, just 17 years old, works for a local newstation. But when they let her interview One Direction, her favorite band, things become fuzzy and she wonders if she should have ever taken the job at all.


4. Stand Up

Elena's POV
When I came to the door, I saw Zayn turn towards me. When he went to stand, Liam's expression turned to stone. He glared at Zayn and I grew confused. They were best friends, almost brothers. Zayn pushed himself forward, but Liam already had my wrist in his hand, a bit too tightly. He pulled us out into the hall.

He pulled me a few feet away from the door, then released my arm. "Liam, what the hell was that about?" I asked, rubbing my wrist. He sighed and looked down to the ground. He mumbled something under his breath that I couldn't quite catch. I cocked my head. "Excuse me?" I asked, confused. He looked up into my eyes. "I really like you, okay? I've been scared to tell you because I've been looking for you since that first day. I just didn't want you to turn me away. I didn't want to be without you. Elena, I'm afraid that Zayn is going to keep you from me," he whispered. I smiled. "Liam, Zayn told me everything, and he's just trying to help. He wants to see you happy. You're his best friend. I think it's really sweet that he'd do that for his friend," I admitted. Liam's hands curled into fists as I mentioned how Zayn told his secret, but relaxed when I took a few steps forward to wrap my arms around his waist and bury my head in his chest. I felt him sigh, then wrap his arms from my shoulders, holding me to him. I smiled in contentment, feeling lucky that I was the one Liam Payne was holding in his arms.

I jumped when a door slammed hard into its frame and I turned in time to see a very pissed Zayn storm from the room where we had left him, except he held a brown bottle in his right hand. I gasped, never once seeing Zayn being so reckless and stupid.

I pulled away from Liam and turned to run after Zayn, but Liam grabbed my hand. "No, Elena. I want you to stay here with Harry, Niall, and Louis. I'll go after Zayn," he said, watching his drinking friend's shadow. I nodded, pulled away from him. I walked slowly to the door and watched Liam walk past me. I smirked and creeper behind him when he walked a little farther ahead.

As I got closer, I saw Zayn curled up beside the wall, sitting on the floor. His face contorted into something filled completely with rage as he flung his arm back, then threw the bottle against the opposite wall. Something inside Liam ignited, and he rushed to Zayn's side. He grabbed the intoxicated boy by the collar of his shirt and pulled him up the wall. "Zayn! What are you doing? Really, mate?! You're gonna drink because you lost the girl? She was never yours! You didn't look twice at her before I said I wanted her. So, I'm sorry, but Elena isn't available," Liam said, yelling at first, then cooling down. I took a small step forward when I heard the sound of someone getting slapped.

Zayn stood on his own two feet, swaying slightly and breathing heavy. Liam was leaning back onto the wall, hand to his face. Anger flashed through Zayn's eyes. "Okay, now it's my turn to talk. First, don't you ever dare put your hands on me, Payne. I've told you that before! Second, Elena will be available for anyone if she wants to be. You can't separate her from her life like you did with that fan in America. The poor girl is half insane now. You cannot hurt her. And third, I never heard you ask her out, so I havent 'lost' even though Elena isn't a game to win or lose. Now excuse me," he slurred, just at the end. He stumbled toward me and almost fell into me. I grabbed his arm quickly and supported his weight. "Elena," he whispered. "Shh," I quieted. Liam's head turned to face us, but the shadows hid us well. I shook my head and guided Zayn back to the lounge.

Louis and Harry jumped up from the couch as soon as we entered the room, but Niall was nowhere to be found. They took Zayn off of my shoulders and laid him down on the sofa. They watched him for a few minutes to make sure he was okay before Harry turned to me. "Yeah, he had about four beers while you two were out there. He got jealous, or protective, or something. When he came out and saw you in his arms, he let it. He chugged the remains of that bottle and left. Now you know the band's dirty little secret: Zayn Malik and Liam Payne cannot stand each other. It was different in the beginning, but that's another story for a different day. Now, if these boys aren't in public, they are constantly bickering and at war. I havent heard them say a decent word to one another since, well, maybe on the X Factor. We were so sure we were going to win. Liam got cocky and Zayn got annoyed. When the results came out and we came in third, Liam threw a fit. This was the second he had failed. Zayn didn't really care, since we were still a band. Liam barked at Zayn, told him he wasn't reacting properly, and they've fought ever since," Harry explained. I nodded, and found myself walking to Zayn's side. I sat on the coffee table and took his hand. I stroked his palm, his arm, anything that was easy to reach, but didn't say a word, not even when Liam stepped into the doorframe and just stood there, watching me.
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