My Heart's Payne

Elena Fillmore, just 17 years old, works for a local newstation. But when they let her interview One Direction, her favorite band, things become fuzzy and she wonders if she should have ever taken the job at all.


6. Save You Tonight

Elena's POV

I felt Liam tense up. Slowly, he turned his head to look at the tall boy behind him. "You won't hurt me? Oh good. I was scared for my life," Liam mocked with a slight smile playing at his lips. He scoffed. "As much as you'd love to believe it, Bradford Bad Boy, I'm not afraid of you. You'd have to be a complete idiot to be afraid of you. You're not intimidating. You're just a jack ass who doesn't know when he gets lucky," he sneered. Zayn sighed. "You don't get it, do you?" he asked, visibly calmer. I could see that he was trying hard to relax for my sake, but it was taking its toll. "This whole thing- our lives now- this is us getting lucky. Publishers could have ignored us. We weren't good enough for the top, for first place. But Simon saw potential in us. that's why we're all together in the first place. We all needed each other. None of us could do this alone. You couldn't do it alone."

Liam quickly let me go as he stomped toward Zayn. "Listen here. I could do it alone. I'm so much more than you'll ever be. I carry this damn band. I know everything that-" Liam was cut off by a collective gasp. I peered around the corner and saw Niall, Louis, and Harry standing at the edge of our small hall, mouths agape. "Really, Li? You think you carry this whole damn band?" Harry asked, hurt etched all over his handsome face. I wanted to run over and hug him tightly. A glance over at Niall showed me that he was trying to ignore the entire situation, willing it to go away. I sighed, causing Zayn to look over at me. I walked around them to Niall where I lightly wrapped my arms around his shoulders and just waited. Slowly his head turned toward me. His cheeks were tear stained and I knew that it wasn't long until his will broke completely. Louis stepped forward. "Maybe you two have been so busy fighting that you haven't realized what you're doing to us, especially to Niall. This is all getting too out of hand. It's become very evident that the both of you cannot work together civilly, so one of you have to go," he deducted. The two fighting boys gasped. I turned to face Louis. Usually, he was so fun loving and silly that you tend to forget that he was really smart and had a serious side. The beautiful smile that seemed to be permanently carved into his face was gone now, his lips a fixed straight line. He was serious.

Liam started to open his mouth, but Harry cut him off. "No, you don't get to speak. Lou is right. It's the only way. Maybe if you guys learn to become friends again and understand what this band is, you can come back, but now, we is our X Factor. One of you two are going home," harry announced. Although I knew he was serious, I had to fight off the smile that wanted to show. "I want Zayn to stay," Niall whispered. He was so quiet that I almost didn't hear him. "Niall wants Zayn to remain in the band," I clarified. Liam's face dropped a bit. "I thought we were closer than that, Nialler," he said. Niall looked away again, down toward the dressing room. "It's always you who starts the fights. We haven't seen the Liam that we got along with since the video diaries on the X Factor. We can't just sit around and hope that one day, he'll come back. I'm sorry, but that's my vote," Niall explained. Harry looked down at his shoes. "I agree with Niall. It's too much of a risk. I'm sorry," he said. Louis sighed. "Then it's decided. Liam, it's time to go. Hopefully, you can come back to us, as a respectful and likable member," he said, trying to push the pain from his voice. After months of being a journalist, you can recognize when someone is even holding back a bathroom break.

Liam sighed. "Fine. If it's what you truly want, then fine. I'll get my stuff and go," he huffed, releasing Zayn and walking away. He stopped at my side. "Are you coming with me, Elena?" he asked. I could see in his eyes that I was his last shred of hope. I knew that if I stayed around him, he would think he won and he would never change. The boys were right. He was much different than he was on the X Factor. I stepped away from him, toward the others. "I'm sorry, Liam, but you've changed so much from the boy on the stairs. Come back after you lose the big ego. Then we can talk," I said quietly, looking at the ceiling. I didn't want to hurt anyone, but I knew that this is his help. I have to do this. I saw his eyes filling with tears and someone grabbed my wrists, afraid that I would run to him. Instead, I turned on a heel and walked into the huddle of boys, all of us trying to mask our emotions.

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