My Heart's Payne

Elena Fillmore, just 17 years old, works for a local newstation. But when they let her interview One Direction, her favorite band, things become fuzzy and she wonders if she should have ever taken the job at all.


3. Rock Me

Zayn's POV

I entered the suite quickly, but Liam was waiting for me, ready to pounce. "Where were you?" he asked, sounding a lot like my mother. I smiled. "Chill out, Li. I was out, down at the beach," I lied. He scowled. "Don't lie to me! The beach was closed hours ago. You would have been arrested!" he yelled. A sleepy Niall rose in his bed, rubbing his eyes. "Liam! Stop this! Why do you care where I was? Are you so scared that I'll steal your precious Elena away from you? Maybe I will, since you seem to be too much of a coward to tell her how you feel!" I hollered back. He froze on the spot. "Don't like that idea, do you, mate? You don't like the thought that someone else could come right up and steal her- no, not even steal her, because she's not yours, Liam. Grow a pair and talk to her," I advised. My phone rang and I looked down to the caller I.D. Elena. I picked up quickly. "Elena, hey," I greeted. Liam snapped out of his funk and glared at me. "Hey, Zayn. I wanted to thank you again for telling me about Liam. I'm sure you have the wrong girl, but it really made me feel better about myself. I don't know if I can see myself as normal anymore," she rambled. I smiled. "Elena, you're not normal. You are beautiful and amazing. And I'm positive you're the girl I'm looking for. It couldn't possibly be anyone else," I answered honestly. Liam's hands clenched into tight fists and he stormed out of the room. Elena laughed. "Liam is right there, isn't he?" she guessed. I laughed with her. "He was. And you're welcome, now go get some sleep," I said, before hanging up.

I fell asleep quickly after getting off the phone with Elena. I woke up early the next morning, and found myself humming as I took a shower. I wrapped a towel around my waist and walked back out to grab clothes from my suitcase. I glanced quickly at the clock while closing my suitcase, leaving out a pair of khakis and a white shirt. 7:10. Elena should just be getting to work. I pulled my clothes on, and froze. Why did I think about Elena so much? I was helping Liam get the girl he has wanted so desperately, wasn't I? I didn't want her. Right?
My phone rang and it was a text. From Elena. Although I knew it was wrong, my heart still skipped a beat when I saw her name. I mentally chastised myself, but read the message. 'Hey, just got into work. Thanks so much for the tickets. You're an amazing person:)' Her message brought a smile to my face and I quickly keyed a reply. 'No problem. Liam can't wait to see you. He'll be so shocked.'

The rest of the day flew by. There was rehearsals-which was us basically memorizing the order of our songs- wardrobe check, and some down time, which we used to send Louis to Nando's to grab us some food before we when on. My phone vibrated in my pocket about ten minutes before the show started. 'Hey, guys. Just got in and found my seat. Good luck tonight:)' I smiled at her message, then showed it to Harry, Niall, and Louis, purposely keeping it from Liam. Collectively, we pulled together a response. 'Thanks from all of us. Dont forget to stop back here afterwards. Enjoy the show'.

Paul came by and told us that we needed to get on stage now and that the show is going to start. I took a huge deep breath and ran towards the stage.

"Are you guys ready to have a party?!" Niall asked, running around the stage. The crowd yelled back and I instinctively looked for Elena. I sighed when I found her. She had pulled her hair back into a high ponytail and curled it. She wore light makeup, but the mascara and eyeliner she did wear made her sapphire eyes sparkle and stand out. "C'mon guys, we need you up on your feet for this! This concert's for you!" I yelled, never taking my eyes off her.

Almost two hours later, we left the stage and I grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and took a seat facing away from the door. There was a quiet knock on the door and we all turned to see Elena standing at the door. Before I could get up to greet her, Liam walked to her grabbed her wrist and pulled her out into the hall.
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