My Heart's Payne

Elena Fillmore, just 17 years old, works for a local newstation. But when they let her interview One Direction, her favorite band, things become fuzzy and she wonders if she should have ever taken the job at all.


1. I Wish

I smiled as I dressed for work, trying to keep my excitement down to a minimum. Today was probably the biggest day of my life and I had to contain myself. I flipped on the T.V for some background noise when the commercial made my heart flip in circles again. "Remember to watch Elena Fillmore's interview with boy band One Direction tonight at 8 pm," the announcer reminded. I didn't need reminding. I needed a freaking sedative. I glanced at my phone that lay on my vanity beside me. 3:27. It wasn't a live interview, since the boys were known to be crazy, so I had to be at the studio by 4:30 so the editors can do their jobs quickly. I shook with anticipation as I ran a brush through my copper hair one last time before standing and stepping into my simple black heels. I grabbed my car keys and rushed out to the garage.

I was greeted in front of the studio by hundreds of teenaged girls with signs for the boys. I sighed and shook my head, but couldn't complain. I was like that a few months ago, before I got this job. I still remember that day clearly.

The boys looked like gods stepping out of the car. I screamed as loud as the other girls surrounding me, but I felt as though I stood out amongst the crowd. I nearly fainted as Niall and Louis looked my way. Zayn and Harry didn't see us, instead choosing to walk straight inside. I knew this wasn't in their nature and it irked me. Weren't we special enough to acknowledge? I wanted to follow after them and demand to know what their problem was, but when my eyes fell on Liam, all of my problems disappeared. He looked in my direction, waved, smiled, then ran off as Zayn called his name and rushed him inside.

I sighed when the flashback ended. Although I'm almost positive he wasn't smiling at me, I still cherish that memory. To see him again, all of them, is remarkable and this time I revel in the fact that I actually get the opportunity to speak to them. I smiled as I walked into the navy blue room and sat in my chair. I closed my eyes and took a few calming breaths to calm my nerves when the doors opened with a slight creak to its hinges. "Someone really ought to fix that door," I heard an Irish voice heart picked up its pace as the fact that One Direction was entering the room registered in my mind. "Say, Liam, can we go eat after this?" he asked. a sigh came from a few feet away from him. "Sure, Niall," he answered. I nearly jumped out of my seat and nearly attacked Liam at the mere mention of his name as the fan girl within demand, but I kept my cool and opened my eyes.

All five boys stood inside of the doorway, looking at each other, none at me. I took a moment to drink them in.

Liam wore a simple blue, white, and gray checkered button down hung open over a white T-shirt with blue jeans. Harry wore a white tee with black jeans and a leather jacket overtop. Niall wore a dark blue shirt that brought out his beautiful blue eyes and light blue jeans. Louis had a maroon top with black jeans. Zayn was decked in a black shirt and jacket and dark blue jeans. I nearly died from the extreme sexiness in the room.

I focused and remembered why they stood there. I smiled, stood, and walked over to the five gorgeous guys in front of me.

"Hello, I'm Elena. Would you have a seat?" I asked formally, then kicked myself. This are the guys who love to have fun. Harry smirked at me. "Not until you say that properly," he challenged. I laughed. "Hey guys, what's up? I'm Elena. Come sit," I tried again. The boys laughed, but took the cough across from the chair. I sat down and leaned close. Niall looked surprised. "Wait, you're the interviewer? Aren't you a bit.. Young?" he asked. I smiled. "You aren't the first person to ask that. I actually am. I graduated a year earlier, when I was 17, and you just need a bachelors' degree for Journalism. I'm technically only an intern, but I've been here for a few months and they trust me enough. I'm 17," I explained. He nodded, as if everything I said made the most sense in the world. "Thinking about Nando's, Niall?" I jested. his head snapped back up and his gaze met mine again. "How did you know about that!? Did you do research on me?" he asked, sliding farther back on the couch. I giggled and Liam looked at me for the first time since he came in. "Not a chance. I was.. Am.. A Directioner. I watched you guys on the X Factor. When you were almost kicked off, I wanted to cry. I was glad, as I'm sure all of your fans are, when Nicole and Simon made you a group," I admitted, my head dropping to stare into my lap. I felt the blood rush to my face and i knew my freckles would be highlighted, just like they were that day.

"Have we seen you before? You seem so familiar?" Liam asked, breaking the silence. I looked up at him, our eyes meeting again. "I went to one of your shows a few months back. I didn't get to see you- I didn't have tickets, but I stood outside when you came out of your car. You looked in my direction and smiled. Niall and Zayn walked past us all without saying a word, and Harry and Louis looked over. It stuck with me," I said. Niall and Harry began to laugh while Louis and Zayn dropped their heads. Liam just looked up into the corner of the room. "Can we just start this interview?" he asked through his teeth. I felt a pang in my chest. Liam James Payne, probably the sweetest member of one Direction, was just super rude.

After an hour of basic questions and a little craziness, I smiled to the boys and walked them to that door. "Guys, that was a blast. Thanks for coming out tonight," I said once the cameras stopped rolling. The four of them, excluding Liam, smiled at me. Liam brushed past us and left, mumbling something under his breath. "What was that about?" I asked, confused. "He seemed perfectly fine before," I observed. Harry shifted his weight and Niall opened his mouth to speak. "Well, Elena, it's just that-" he started before Louis clapped his hand over Niall's mouth. "Don't, mate. You know that Liam would be very peeved if you spilled," he argued. Niall sighed behind Louis' hands and left, Louis and Harry following. Zayn, lingering behind, looked at the door, then me. "Here's my number. I'll explain everything later," he said cryptically, handing me a slip of paper, before running off to catch up with his bandmates.

I watched as they climbed onto the bus. Harry and Louis stopped and waved good-bye. Zayn gave me the 'Call Me' signal and I nodded. Liam hid from the others and from me. As they pulled away from the lot, I sighed. I looked down at the paper he had handed me. I couldn't help but fangirl a bit at the fact that THE Zayn Malik gave me his phone number.
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