My Heart's Payne

Elena Fillmore, just 17 years old, works for a local newstation. But when they let her interview One Direction, her favorite band, things become fuzzy and she wonders if she should have ever taken the job at all.


2. Gotta Be You

As soon as I stepped foot into my apartment, I kicked off my heels and fell into my couch. I pulled out my cell phone and quickly dialed in Zayn's number. The phone rang rang once, twice, three times. The voicemail picked up and his deep voice came on. "Vas happenin'? You've reached Zayn. I can't pick up my phone, but leave your name and number and I'll call you back. Peace," then the line beeped. I sighed. "Zayn, hey, it's Elena. I was calling about Liam, but I guess it's a bad time. Well, call me back when you can," I said slowly. I recited my number twice, said good bye, and hung up. My stomach growled, so I jumped up and walked to my kitchen.

Passing the counter, I flipped on the radio and I Want came on. I laughed, but danced along to the song, making a sandwich. A commercial came on and I heard Moments play. My phone. I ran back to the living room and dived onto my couch, instantly glad that I lived alone. The caller I.D revealed it as an unknown number, but I answered anyway with a hesitant, "hello?"

A chuckle came from the other end. "Elena? It's Zayn. Are you all right?" he asked. I smiled, then adjusted myself so that I sat properly on the couch."Oh, hey, Zayn. I didn't expect you to get back to me so fast. I was in the kitchen making a sandwich," I explained. He was silent for a moment. "You want answers to why Liam was acting so strange? Meet me at Poole Harbor at midnight. I'll explain then," he said, then hung up.

I stared at my phone for a moment. Did that really just happen? I decided to shake it off and ran back to the kitchen to turn off my music and grab my food. When I returned to my living room, I plopped down and turned on the telly. I flipped aimlessly through the channels until I saw Grease, my favorite movie of all time. I put it on and sang along until my throat got sore and I fell asleep on the couch.

When I woke, the sun had set and I grabbed my phone to look at the time. 11:39. I jumped off the couch to my bedroom and ran a brush through my hair. I fixed my make up, changed quickly from my skirt and jacket into a pair of dark skinny jeans and a long purple tee. My hand grazed against my one Direction hanging beside it in my closet, but I sighed, moved my hand and closed the door. I threw on my tennis shoes and took my hoodie from the back of my chair. I grabbed my keys and ran out to my car.

It was a short drive, since the harbor was only a mile or so down the road. When I arrived, I turned my car off, but stayed inside and kept my doors locked. I looked down at my phone again. 11:53. He should be here by now. A dark figure rapped on my window and I jumped. I clutched my door handle for dear life, ready to pull it with all my strength if they tried to open it. My phone rang. I had a text. 'Elena, scared or something? Come on out so we can talk. -Zayn'. I laughed to myself and unlocked the door. I scrambled out of the car and stood face-to-face with Zayn Malik. He smiled down at me. He was taller than my 5'4 self, and he seemed to love it.
"Anyway, you were going to tell me what was up with Liam today," I started. He sighed, then glanced around him. "I'm telling you this as a friend, not for publicity or a new story. If I read this anywhere, I'm coming after you," he whispered harshly. I flinched back, his words scaring me. He closed his eyes, and continued.

"Liam was acting strange because he's been obsessed with this girl since he saw her at a concert, outside. He hasn't been able to stop thinking about her. For months, everything he did revolved around her. He always made sure he looked nice when we went to that city. He always made sure he was available if she ever found him. He had just about given up hope until today, when he was sure he saw her again. Then Niall had to ask if we knew her, because he knew the look in Liam's eyes. We had never seen it before that moment. He never took his eyes off of her, until she looked at him. When she said she was a fan, a Directioner, Liam lost it. He had found her. Although he was calm while she was around, when we got on the bus, he exploded. He smiled and laughed and danced and sang. It was amazing. Then he realized. He never gave her his number. I told him that I gave her mine. He hated me for that. He pinned me against the bus wall, blew up at me. He kept yelling how much he needed her and how I was the worst friend because I betrayed him. I pushed him off of me and told him that I was going to her the truth. He got even more mad," he said, eyes closed until the end.

"Why?" I asked. I was so confused. I understood his behavior, but getting mad at your best friend over a girl? It seemed a bit ridiculous to me. Zayn laughed, pulling me from my thoughts. "You don't get it, do you, Elena? He made us promise him we wouldn't tell her anything when we saw her again. he wanted to do it, in his own way. He won't, though. He's scared. He got mad because I was going to tell her that he loved her before he could. When he saw that she called me, he tripped out again. I don't care though. Elena, you deserve to know that that boy is in love with you," he said, a smile on his face.

I gasped, my hands flying to my mouth. I shook my head feverously. "Zayn, you're confused. It can't be me. I mean, look at me. I'm plain, and boring, and there's nothing unique about me. I-" I was cut off by the shrill ringing of Zayn's phone. He held up one finger to me and answered. "What is it, Liam?" he asked. The mere mention of his name sent butterflies into my stomach and I couldn't help but smile. "No, I'm not with Elena. I'm at the beach," he lied, throwing me an easy smile. "Yes, Liam, at midnight. Just go to bed. I'll be back in a moment. Goodbye," he said, hanging up. I couldn't help it: I laughed. "Well, I should probably start heading back. Liam will throw a fit if he knows I'm with you," he said, pivoting and starting took walk away. "Do you want a ride?" I asked, causing him to stop. He turned and smiled at me. "That would be great. We're staying at the park Central Hotel," he informed me. I nodded. "I know where that is. Get in."

The drive there was silent. I wanted to turn on my radio, but it was stuck on CD and the only CD in my car was Up All Night and I didn't want to annoy Zayn with his own music. "It's quiet. I'm turning on the radio," Zayn announced. I froze, afraid of his reaction. Tell Me A Lie started and I winced. What would he say? "Hey, this is my favorite song from the CD!" he laughed. I sighed, relieved. He sang along with track with a slight struggle when it came to the other boys' parts. I laughed. "Don't memorize those words, or you mess up in a concert," I jested. He rolled his eyes, then reacted as if something shocked him. He quickly turned to face me. "Are you coming to the show tomorrow night, or tonight, I guess, since it's past midnight," he asked. I shook my head. "I haven't got the money to go," I admitted. He smiled. "I got you. Tomorrow, a ticket and a backstage pass with be waiting at work for you. The best seat I can manage," he said, confident. I smiled, then stopped the car. "We're here," I said, a bit upset. He turned to get out of the car, but I stopped him. "Zayn?" I said. He turned back to me. "Thanks for telling me, but continue to lie to him. I dont want him to know that I know," I said. He nodded and got out of the car. I started the car up again, and sped home.
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