Forever or Never-- One Direction Fan Fiction

Ellie is an ordinary girl, she has brown curly hair, with bright green eyes and she loves to sing and play the guitar. Her dad is the manager of One Direction, she wouldn't exactly call herself a directioner, but she like their songs. She knows everyone of them due to her dad, she has never really met the boys, because her dad is always in another country with them. Ellie was born in Mullingar, Ireland. Her mother had died in a car accident when she was only four years old. Ellie has a 7 year old brother named Danny and a 2 year old sister names Eliza. Ellie is now 18 years old, she was born December 18th 1994. She was the only child with her mum, but then her dad got remarried and made her brother and sister. And the person he married divorced him and left him with Danny and Eliza. One day her dad gets called to help his old friend with a job, so the boys have to stay with Ellie. What happens when all the boys fall for her? and start to fight over her? Will the band break up over her?


4. Chapter 4: They're At My School

"I hope you guys know what you're getting yourself into," I said, as I was driving down the road to school. We only had one car, so we had to squeeze in. I was driving, Louis was in the passenger side since he called shotgun, and everyone else was in the back seat choked up. 

"It'll be fun," Harry chirped.

"Yeah, a bunch of screaming girls will be so much fun." I said sarcastically. 

"It'll get you a lot of popularity," Louis said from beside me. 

I shrug, "I don't need more popularity, I'm already the most popular girl in school."

"Well be lucky you didn't leave us home alone, we would've emptied your fridge." Niall commented. 

I laughed at that, "There's no snacks just hanging around the house, you have to cook your own food." I told him. Whenever I buy little snacks for Danny or Eliza, they'd never eat it and I'd be the only one to. So I stopped buying them, because all they eat is the food I cook. I think that's strange for kids their age, because they'd normally want snacks and stuff. The only time they'd eat snacks is if we go out, and there are some rare occasions when they ask. 

"What makes you think we can't cook?" Liam countered. 

I chuckled and rolled my eyes playfully, "I don't know,"

We continued a small debate about who can cook better until we reached school. When we finally did, I got out of the car, telling the boys to follow me, and headed into the school building. But as soon as we entered the door, the screams began. "Should we run?" Zayn asked me in a whisper.

"No, just go in that room and you'll be safe." I told them, pointing to the principle's office. 

They nodded and all rushed into the principle's office, with luckily no-one following them. I headed to my locker, followed by multiple stares. And when I reached, about all of the girls at the school crowded around me. "Hey guys," I greeted the girls with a chirpy smile on my face.

The questions then started:

"How do you know One Direction?"

"What are you doing with One Direction?"

"Did you kidnap them?"

"Can I talk to Niall?"

"Can you let me meet them?"

"Are they gonna be at our school?"

And so much more, I just pushed my way through the crowd and successfully got out. "Guys, they like their fans, but they'd like to be treated as normal human beings." I said loudly to them. The girls started chattering again, so I just headed in another direction. I went in search for my best friend; she's usually in class waiting by now. So I headed to the class we had now, and I was right. She was indeed in the room, but she was alone. I frowned; she always has her boyfriend Jason in here with her. "Hey Perrie," I greeted, sitting in the seat beside her. 

She looked up from reading her book and smiled at me, "Hey Ellie, what's up?" 

"Not much, where's Jason?" I asked her.

She looked like she was about to break down, so I immediately gave her a hug. "He broke up with me, because the glasses make me look ugly." She cried into my shoulder. 

"Aw, don't worry Ri, you'll find someone else." I told her. She had been prescribed to wear glasses for a  month, because her vision was getting blurry. And the doctor said, if her vision gets better after the month, she'll get to take them off. She couldn't wear contacts either, because the doctor said that would ruin her eyes. So she was stuck wearing nerdy glasses. To me she looked fine, but I guess to the jerk Jason she looked ugly. 

"But everyone thinks I'm ugly now," She complained. 

The door to the classroom slammed shut, and I immediately looked up to see the guys in the room all panting. I rolled my eyes playfully, keeping myself from laughing. Perrie didn't look up, and she didn't seem at all bothered by the slam of the door. Her short blonde hair flopped in front of her face, covering her tears and soaking up most of it. Normally, she'd be fussing over her hair, but now she didn't even seemed to care. And this was all Jason's fault, I honestly hated that kid from the start; I always hated Jason, and now it just makes me hate him even more. "Is she okay?" Harry asked, as the boys took a seat around Perrie and I in the room.

I shook my head at them, and Perrie finally looked up, and turned to face them. She sent them a weak smile, and wiped her tears away from under her glasses. "I'm fine,"

"What happened?" Zayn asked, as he stared at her. I found it cute how Zayn wasn't even blinking whilst looking at her, but I didn't speak up, nor did the others. 

"It's personal, and I don't really feel like talking about it." Perrie said to them. She wasn't exactly a huge fan of One Direction, which is why she wasn't squealing and going crazy over the fact of them being here. She was actually going to audition for The X Factor, because she had a beautiful voice and loved singing. "What are you guys doing at this school?" 

"We live with Ellie now, and we had nothing else to do." Zayn answered, and he extended his hand and wiped away tears that were still falling down Perrie's face. 

"Oh," Perrie said, and then looked at all of the other boys then back at Zayn. "I'm Perrie by the way, and I don't know your names, sorry."

Zayn sent her a sweet smile, "We never expected the entire world to be fans, I'm Zayn." 

The rest of the boys exchanged names, and got to know Perrie until the bell rung. I told Perrie I'd be back to class, and then I got up with the boys and we all headed to the principle's office. The hallways became less and less crowded, so it was easier to walk. There weren't as much screaming fans in the school any more, which I was happy for. But I knew by now the entire school knew of One Direction's presence in the building. Message goes around my school quite fast, so it'd be pretty hard for someone not to know something. And especially if it had something to do with me. I wasn't exactly fond of being the most popular girl in school, but I didn't hate it either. IT had its down times and its up times, and I was happy with just that. 

When we made it to the office, I opened the door and the secretary smiled at me and offered for us to take a seat. The principle's office was the door behind the secretary's desk, and I was informed that she was busy at the moment and I'd have to wait for a little while. That was okay with me, because I didn't mind missing a few minutes of class. The office was plain white, and it smelt like moth balls and Irish Spring soap. There was a table for the secretary and it was filled with papers and files, and I computer in the centre. The principle's office door was right behind the secretary's desk, and inside it was also white. But in the room there was a huge glass wall where you could see the beautiful view of Mullingar. And she also had a huge flat screen TV in there. 

After waiting a while, we were finally in the principle's office. She was shocked to see the five boys standing before her, asking for permission to join classes for the time being. The principle- who's name I never decided to learn, nodded and typed something on her computer before turning to me. "You will be in charge of them Ellie, I expect you to help them to classes and so fort. They must also be treated just as other students; doing homework, classwork and any other thing needed of other students." 

I nodded, and then after a few more minutes, we left and started the day. 



Hello dreamers!! 

Okay, so first I apologize for this late updates! I have been completely and utterly busy with all my school work, and it's been quite overwhelming at times. And I hadn't gotten any chance to update. But, here it is! And I hope you enjoy this!


Happy Dreaming <3

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