Forever or Never-- One Direction Fan Fiction

Ellie is an ordinary girl, she has brown curly hair, with bright green eyes and she loves to sing and play the guitar. Her dad is the manager of One Direction, she wouldn't exactly call herself a directioner, but she like their songs. She knows everyone of them due to her dad, she has never really met the boys, because her dad is always in another country with them. Ellie was born in Mullingar, Ireland. Her mother had died in a car accident when she was only four years old. Ellie has a 7 year old brother named Danny and a 2 year old sister names Eliza. Ellie is now 18 years old, she was born December 18th 1994. She was the only child with her mum, but then her dad got remarried and made her brother and sister. And the person he married divorced him and left him with Danny and Eliza. One day her dad gets called to help his old friend with a job, so the boys have to stay with Ellie. What happens when all the boys fall for her? and start to fight over her? Will the band break up over her?


3. Chapter 3: They Want To Go To My School

Chapter 3: They Want To Go To My School

"You got everything you need right?" I asked Danny, as he was about to leave to go to school.

He nodded, "Yup, books, book bag and lunch."

"Okay, good. I'll see you when you come home, bye."

"Bye Ellie," He waved goodbye to me, before running out the door to the school bus. The bus driver waved at me as the door opened and Danny jumped in, I waved back and then soon after the bus drove off. I closed the front door and then went into the kitchen to make a small breakfast for Eliza, since she was still asleep. It was only eight now, so she would be awake in a few minutes. Her and Danny always wake up early for some reason, I don't know why. Maybe it's a thing for little kids? I made some chocolate chip pancakes for her, and then a few more for the five celebrities who just happen to be living in my house. I'm surprised at how I'm keeping my composure and not going crazy over them, because I really love their music. I wouldn't exactly call myself a "dedicated" directioner, but I do like literally every single one of their songs. If I told my friends in school that I wasn't a dedicated directioner, they'd like murder me or something; I wonder what they'll do when I explain that all five of them are currently living in my house. 

I like their songs, but normally you'd need to like their songs and them to call yourself a dedicated direction. At least that's what the whole fandom on twitter say; I find it annoying how that's all they talk about now. I set the pancakes on the table and then went upstairs to Eliza's room; she was awake and playing with the small teddy bears she had in her crib. I chuckle and pick her out of her crib, and then put her on the floor. "Morning," I chirped.

"Good morning!" She beamed, sniffing. "You made pancakes!" She screamed, dashing out of her room and running downstairs to the kitchen. 

I laugh and walk out of her room, closing the door behind ,e. I was met up by Zayn and Harry in the hallway, who were already dressed and ready for the day -- which I'm sure will be very boring. "Morning guys," I said to them, walking down the stairs as they followed.

"Morning," Zayn said, and Louis said the same after.

"I made pancakes, I hope you like that." I told them, as I reached downstairs and headed into the kitchen. 

"Who doesn't like pancakes!?" Louis asked.

I giggled, "I dunno, crazy people."

"Well I assure you, we are nowhere near crazy." Zayn chimed in, as we made it to the kitchen to see Eliza bouncing up and down by a chair waiting to sit and eat. I picked her up and put her in the chair, and she started to scarf down her breakfast. 

"Where's everyone else?" I asked, as both Zayn and Louis took a plate of pancakes and started to drown it in syrup.

Zayn shrugged, "Harry's awake, but he's getting ready or something. And Liam's on the phone, while Niall is still asleep."

"Oh, okay." I said, getting a bottle of water from the fridge. "And a lot of people say Niall eat a lot, is that true?" 

Louis nodded, "It is very true, so I guess that plate is his?" He asked, pointing to the plate with the most pancakes on it.

I chuckled and nodded. "Yeah, I wasn't sure if he eats a lot or it's just some directioner kind of thing."

And speaking of Niall, here he comes with Liam and Harry behind. "Ooh, I smell pancakes!" Niall exclaimed, rushing into the kitchen.

Zayn laughed at his blonde friend, "The one with the most is yours, special thanks to Ellie."

"Thank you!" Niall cheered, grabbing the plate and killing the poor pancakes with syrup. Harry and Liam mumble a good morning, then began to eat as well. When everyone -- including Eliza -- were done, everyone filed into the living room. 

"Come on Eliza, let's go get ready." I said to my little sister. 

"Okay!" She said, grabbing my hand as I led her upstairs. I brushed her teeth, gave her a bath, combed her hair and got her dressed, then she was ready to go to preschool. I got downstairs and announced to the boys who were now watching tv, that I'd be dropping Eliza off to school and then I'd be right back. They all said 'okays' and then I made my way to the bag and got into my car, and soon drove off to Eliza's school. It didn't take long for us to get there, because it was just a few streets down and there was no traffic today. I drove back to the house slowly, and parked my car in the garage and entered the house. 

The boys were still on the couch watching news on tv, which I found odd. "Why are you guys watching the news?" I asked them. 

"Just making sure no-one stalked us to find out where we are," Liam answered. 

"Oh," I nodded. "And will you guys being going to school, or just stay home and do nothing?"

"Your dad said we can choose to go to your school, but we'd have to stick with you like every second." Harry explained.

I nodded, "So do you want to go?" I asked them. "My dad already have you signed up and everything, so you just have to show up."

"Aren't you going to school today?" Niall asked me.

"Yeah, but school doesn't start until 10 today." I told them.

"Well we have an two hours to get ready, and we only have one bathroom." Louis said, but not to me. "So how about we all get ready now?" 

"Okay," Everyone else said in unison.

"Well I'll get ready too," I announced, standing up from where i was previously sitting. "But if we end up being an hour early, don't complain about the screaming girls in the school, got it?"

The all chuckled and gave me a thumbs up, then they all raced upstairs. I rolled my eyes playfully, and walked upstairs to my room to get ready. I took a shower and washed my hair, since I hadn't washed it for three days. After my shower was done, I dried out my hair with a towel and then let it hang down my back being damp. I slipped on a pair of white jeans and a blue silk sequined tank top. I hooked on my necklace that said "I (heart) u" and put on my blew earrings and a set of blew and gold bracelets. I stuck my foot in my white laced up ankle booties and then took my blow dryer and dried my hair a little bit. It was still a bit wet, but it would dry with the sun, so I left it. When I checked the time, I saw we had about 45 more minutes to get to school. I put on a little bit of make-up and then I grabbed my bag and exited the room. 

After about five minutes, the boys were downstairs and everyone was set and ready to go. 

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