Forever or Never-- One Direction Fan Fiction

Ellie is an ordinary girl, she has brown curly hair, with bright green eyes and she loves to sing and play the guitar. Her dad is the manager of One Direction, she wouldn't exactly call herself a directioner, but she like their songs. She knows everyone of them due to her dad, she has never really met the boys, because her dad is always in another country with them. Ellie was born in Mullingar, Ireland. Her mother had died in a car accident when she was only four years old. Ellie has a 7 year old brother named Danny and a 2 year old sister names Eliza. Ellie is now 18 years old, she was born December 18th 1994. She was the only child with her mum, but then her dad got remarried and made her brother and sister. And the person he married divorced him and left him with Danny and Eliza. One day her dad gets called to help his old friend with a job, so the boys have to stay with Ellie. What happens when all the boys fall for her? and start to fight over her? Will the band break up over her?


2. Chapter 2: They Live In My House

Hey everyone reading this, I suggest your re-read chapter 1 before reading this, because I changed a few things. It might be a bit confusing.


Chapter 2: They Live In My House

"You guys won't mind sharing a room, would you?" I ask, as we walk down the long hallway.

"No, it's fine. We didn't get your name by the way.” A husky voice says from behind, Harry.

"It's Ellie, and I already know your names, so don't bother introducing yourselves." I reply.

We reach the very big bedroom, and I open the door with a key. I had to put a lock on it because Danny and Eliza might go in, and Eliza would draw all over the room, while Danny would watch in amusement. "So, this is where you guys will be staying, you can get unpacked, and choose beds and stuff for now."

"Thank-you," Liam says.

I smile, "No prob,"

I then left their room and headed to Eliza's room; she still slept in a crib, she doesn't think she's a big girl yet. Every time I tell her she has to sleep in her big girl bed she'd say that two year olds still have cribs. It's adorable; luckily Danny sleeps in a normal bed.  I open her bedroom door and see her on the normal bed; she couldn't get into her crib on her own. "Hey Eliza, it’s time for bed." I say walking up to her.

She nods, and then I pick up her up and lightly rest her in the white crib. "Night," I say giving her a kiss on her forehead.

I then leave and go to Danny's room. I opened the door; he was sitting on his bed watching TV, and I could see he was crying. "Hey buddy," I say sitting next to him on the bed.

He looks up at me with his tear-filled eyes, "You okay?" I asked.

He shakes his head no. I wrap him in a hug, and give him a kiss on his forehead. "You'll be okay. Just try to get some sleep, okay?"

He nods, "Okay,"

He turns off the TV, and then gets under his covers. I give him another kiss, and then get up and start to leave.

"Ellie?" Danny calls when I reach the door.

"Yeah?" I say stopping. I turn around and brace by the door; his face was filled with sadness.

He looks at me with his big green eyes, "Is daddy gonna come home one day?"

I sigh, "I don't know Danny, I don't know. If I did I'd tell you, but I don't."

He starts to tear up again, "I miss him,"

I rush over to him and sit on his bed; I pick him up and held him tightly in my arms. "It's gonna be alright; don't cry Danny."

"But he's not coming back!" He shouts.

"Stop crying Danny," I say holding him tighter.

"But I want him to come back, Ellie."

"Danny," I say pulling out of the hug. "He has to work to get money for us, okay? We can't make him quit his job, or we'd be on the streets. Just think of me as your mum, okay?"

He sniffles, "Okay,"

"Okay, now try to get some sleep." I tuck him back in and then start to leave.

"I love you Ellie," Danny calls before I leave.

I turn back and smile, "I love you too, Danny."

With that I left and went downstairs. The boys weren't here, so I assumed they were in their room. I sat down on the long white couch in the room; this was my favourite couch. It was soft, it was made up of feathers; fluffy. I turned the TV on and decided to watch a movie. I searched through the channels, but found nothing interesting. I decided on searching for something to watch on Netflix. I've never used Netflix, but I figure it's easy to use, and daddy will pay for it. I decided on watching Teen Wolf; I've been wanting to watch this for a while now.

About 15 minutes through the episode, the boys came downstairs. They all took a seat on the couch with me; Niall was sitting beside me. "So what're you watching?" Liam asked.

"Teen Wolf, you guys ever watched it?" I asked.

"No, but I've heard of it." Harry replies.

"You don't mind watching it, do you?"

"No, it's fine." Louis says.

"Great," I smiled.


It was now half passed midnight, and I was getting pretty tired. "You guys still wanna watch?" I asked.

"Not really; it's boring." Zayn says.

I gasp, "You did not just say that!"

"I so did," He counters with a smirk.

"I'm too tired to fight now," I chuckle, "But this is the best show ever!"

They all burst out in laughing, "You can't fight because you're tired?" Niall asks.

"Basically," I shrug.

They laugh again, I just roll my eyes. "Well I'm gonna go take a midnight shower, and go to bed, so good night guys." I say to them.

"A midnight shower?" Zayn questions.

"A shower at midnight," I answered.

He laughs, "Okay then, night."

They all say goodnight, and I go upstairs to my room. I had a bathroom in my room, so I'd shower there. I got my pj's: a pair of soft shorts and a tank top. I opened my bathroom door, and went into the shower. I turned on the shower and let the water get warm, and then I got in. I let my tears flow freely down my face, as the water also splashed on my face.

I can't believe daddy did this. Danny never cries; this was like the first time I ever saw him cry. I actually thought he would have stayed with us for at least a week before he left. Since I was 4, I was on my own. Mum had died, and dad had work, so I couldn't. Daddy got remarried, and that's how Danny and Eliza were born, they never met their mum either. Since I was 11, I had to become a parent; a parent for Danny. And then 6 years later, Eliza was born. Now Danny is 7, and Eliza is 2. I'm way too young to be a parent; I bet I have the worst childhood out of everyone in Mullingar.

Sighing, I turned the pipes off and wrapped my towel around my skin. I got dressed, and then went to bed.

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