New Girl

nina is new to tong highschool and only has 1 friend jessie. until she meets zayn and harry.her life changes.


6. the Kiss

I went home tired, I wanted to sleep in the next morning. But that didn’t happen early the next morning I got a call from the local hospital , zayn had hurt his foot playing football. I rushed to the hospital , only to find out that I wasn’t the only girl there . sarah was sitting by the bed while he was sleeping. I asked her what she doing there. “I’m his girlfriend . why are you here?” she said. “I’m here because I’m his girlfriend.” I replied “well we will find out when he wakes up.” She suggested I agreed because I knew he was going to ask for me. A few hours later , zayn woke up I was prepared to enter. When I heard the doctor call for sarah, I made sure he didn’t make a mistake. The doctor told me zayn asked for sarah. I looked through the window and saw sarah kiss him, he didn’t reject it at all. I got upset and left , when I got home I started crying. I thought he liked me, I thought he was done with her. I couldn’t believe I that I actually cared enough to go to the hospital. Harry message me to tell me that the project was due the next day. I told him to call me. Harry: hi Me: umm hey Harry: whats wrong? Me: zayn got hurt and is at the hospital Harry: is he going to be okay? Me: why would that matter? He wanted sarah there not me Harry: what do you mean? Me: she was there , she kissed him and he didn’t even reject it. Harry: I’ll be there soon Soon after the call ended , harry was at my house. He held me in his arms while I cried, he told me everything would be okay. But I just couldn’t believe it , I felt used. And like I didn’t matter , I wanted to run away and hide from my problems. But how? I messaged zayn telling him it was over, I thought he might want to explain. I received a message from him . he said that he didn’t care that he used me to make sarah jealous. I told him I didn’t believe him because I knew the kiss had to mean something. But no, it didn’t . he didn’t care about me. I told my mom that I wanted to visit my grandfather in New York for a little bit. My mom told me I could go and that I was going to leave the day after tomorrow. I packed up most of my things and some of my dogs things. I didn’t tell any one I knew my mom would call my school to tell them I was going to be absent for a while. I felt bad for not telling harry or Jessie. But I needed this , I needed to get away for a while. The next day I was basically ready  to go. But something didn’t feel right , so I called Jessie to tell her good bye. That night I heard something in my window, I opened it and I saw harry throwing small rocks up. I told him to come up, he was a little confused but I told him to climb through the tree. When he got inside my room it was quiet , until. Harry: WHEN WERE YOU GOING TO TELL ME YOU WERE LEAVING? Me: lower your voice. How did you find out anyway? Harry: you mean who told me. Jessie, I had to hear it from her. Me: I knew you were going to be upset . so I didn’t tell you. Harry: of course I was going to be upset. Not just because you didn’t tell me but because… Me: because… Harry: I have feeling for you. Ever since we almost kissed , I realized it wasn’t just a moment. Maybe I liked we met in class.  I didn’t say anything , I thought he was trying to be protect my feelings from getting hurt. Harry: and I know you have feelings for me too . Me: no I don’t your like my best friend. Harry: yes you do , I know you do. Me: no I had feelings for zay.. *harry grabbed me and kissed me. Way better than when zayn kissed me, this kiss was long and something sparked . I was shocked, I put my arms around his neck and kissed him back. I didn’t even notice that he proved his point. He was right about my feelings for him. Harry: I told you. Me:*still shocked* I’m sorry I didn’t tell you that I was leaving. Harry: you don’t need to leave, you have me and you only need me. Me: I need to go away for a while, I don’t want to see zayns face. Harry: after that kiss it shouldn’t even matter if you see his face. You wont think about him like that ever again. Me: I’ll stay but I don’t know how I will show my face ever again . Harry: I will be there for you, whenever you need me. We continued talking for the rest of the night. Only to find out we fell asleep on my bed , and I woke up in his arms the next morning. We went to school together that day , and I was happy that he kissed me . if not I would be in New York not knowing about his feelings or expressing mines to him. I will never stop smiling.
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