New Girl

nina is new to tong highschool and only has 1 friend jessie. until she meets zayn and harry.her life changes.


4. never seen him like this

After my conversation with harry, I couldn’t stop thinking about what he said and how he was protective of me. I couldn’t stop smiling; I couldn’t wait to see him at school. It’s finally Friday and tonight I’m going to the movies with Jessie and zayn, I’m still a little nervous about my tutoring session with zayn today after school. I looked for Jessie so that we could walk to class together but instead I found harry. I wanted to talk to him but I wanted him to walk over to me. I went to my locker and saw him walking toward me; I guess that’s good luck.  “hey , are you busy on tonight?” he asked “yeah , I have plans with zayn and Jessie .”I replied “what about after school?” harry asked with such enthusiasm “tutoring with zayn ,sorry.” I responded He looked down disappointed , I didn’t want to just leave him and I wanted to hang out with him but how when Jessie invited me to the movies and I had tutoring with zayn. I closed my locker and told him I would meet him after lunch to go to class after wards.  I didn’t find Jessie until I walked inside my class. She was sitting behind zayn and there was only 2 more seats. One behind her and one beside zayn. I sat next to zayn , hoping that sarah would be absent today . Jessie came up to my seat and told me she doesn’t have someone to go with. I told her I would ask harry , besides he wanted to hang out. Well this is another way, I just hope he agrees to come. At lunch I sat alone for the first 5 minutes until i glanced at the table 3 rows behind me and saw harry . I quickly stood up and walked over to his table. “hi.” Harry said with a bit of confusion “hey, how’s your lunch?” I said. “great, why are you sitting here?” he asked “am I not wanted here?” I replied “no its just you always sit with jessie.” He responded “I came to ask you if you wanted to go to the movies?” i mentioned the movie so that he would be interested. “sure with who?” he asked “Jessie.” I mumbled. He looked away kind of annoyed so I explained why. And he agreed to go if he would have a seat next to me. I didn’t decline it because I wanted harry near me. After school I went to my tutoring session and I couldn’t focus he smile was distracting and I could stop staring. I realized that I wasn’t paying attention and soon he would notice too. He sat down close to be almost as close as harry did when I went to his house. I started working and I wasn’t paying much attention to zayn . I looked out of the corner of my eye and he was staring me . I faced him and we kissed, it was amazing passionate and and romantic. His lips tasted like cherries and they were soft and smooth. I couldn’t believe it , we kissed and it wasn’t awkward. I wanted to kiss him the whole time but I couldn’t even think about it. When me and harry almost kissed, it was like a magnet pulling us together and we had to use our strength to stop it. If that ever happened I wouldn’t know what to do. I definitely like zayn and I think this means he’s going to ask me out. After that kiss, zayn opened his eyes and smiled. I smiled back, it felt right to put a smile on my face. We continued the tutoring , he kept smiling at me like I was the only girl in the world. Soon we left to go meet harry and Jessie at the movie theatre. When harry saw me he was in such a good mood and gave me hug. I was confused considering he didn’t even want to come.  “why are you smiling so much?” harry asked “zayn and I kissed” I said with a smile He got angry and started yelling in zayns face. I had never seen harry this way , it was hard to not laugh because his dimples were showing while he was yelling. But I didn’t want things to get out of hand so I stepped in. I told harry to stop, when he did he stormed off. I was so surprised and I couldn’t help to wonder why was harry so angry. Zayn, Jessie ,and I went inside to watch the movie. During the middle of the movie zayn grabbed my hand and held it. His hand was warm and soft. I loved it, I felt as if we were dating  
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