New Girl

nina is new to tong highschool and only has 1 friend jessie. until she meets zayn and harry.her life changes.


5. i would tell him


The next morning when I woke up I saw I had a message from zayn. In the text he said he was coming to my house. I didn’t  have time to get ready, I rushed I took at 30 minute shower and did my hair . I cleaned my room in 5 minutes , then I had to walk my dog . when I was outside with my dog, zayn pulled up to my drive way. He got out and kissed me again, I didn’t know what to think. I just went along with it. My parents were in the kitchen cooking, when we passed by zayn introduced himself as my boyfriend . my parents were surprised that I didn’t tell them. Truth is I thought he was going to ask me if I wanted to be his girlfriend. On the way up to my room I was thinking about how he was going to tell Sarah.  I honestly didn’t care if it hurt her. He obviously didn’t have feelings for her. When we got to my room we started talking. “I hope it was okay that I told your parents I as your boyfriend.” Zayn said “yeah , I wished you would have told me.” I responed “sorry about that, I didn’t really know how to ask you” he said “I would’ve said yes anyways” I explained. Just moments later I got a message from harry , he wanted to talk to me about what had happened last night. I told zayn I had to talk to harry. He didn’t seem happy but he saiad he would take me. When I got to harry’s house he answer the door and gave me hug. I was surprised but I didn’t mind. He apologized to me and to zayn. Zayn left , me and harry started talking. He told me that he was trying to protect me from getting my heart broken. I told him that zayn would never hurt me. He told me zayn had hurt other girls and that I was probably the only one he cared about the most. I smiled and told him if anything happened I would tell him.
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